Atlas glitches for Diamond players

Why am I losing troops after my prime has been free for a few minutes? But only to Diamond players?.. I get a notification that my prime has been freed, I summoned him again, and 10-12 minutes later I’ve been attacked and lost troops. But only to Diamond… My prime is still being summoned, yet it gets attacked. It’s not a lag issue, PG needs to explain this obvious favor to Diamond players

Are you sure you are losing troops?

I have received battle notices long after the battle has ended. Check your battle log in Atlas to see if the last battle was just now or 10 minutes ago. I think my battle log stays current though I sometimes have to relog into the game.

Atlas has been a mess as long as I can remember. It seems it was poorly designed.

LOL… what a joke.
Yes because you losing some troops totally does “Diamond players” a lot of favor… oh wait… nope.
Clearly someone is either continuously sniping you, or you are not paying close enough attention to your battle log… your troops aren’t just randomly disappearing out of thin air. And then you blame it on PG as to why you’re losing troops to the “favored diamond players”… I know we discuss being respectful on forums a lot but let me slap you with a reality check real fast.
Diamond players aren’t favored. Whatever shitty updates come out effects mostly everyone. Whatever screws over the player base happens to mostly everyone regardless of League tier. In no way,shape, or form are they “favored” unless you consider the event rewards and atlas ranking being “favored” but even then it’s not given by PG, it’s earned in one way or another wether that’s from spending or from time devoted to this game.
I’d consider not sounding so ignorant in your threads .
There’s nothing wrong with expressing your issues on the forums but maybe leave out the accusation that PG is favoring diamond players… hell, after the release of Abyssal at the cost it is, it’s clear nobody is favored .


Umm. Nothing to do with diamond players. It’s a well known thing. If an attack is going on and your prim is destroyed, resummoned and resupplied then the new prim will lose troops. It’s how it’s always worked. It just means an attack was still ongoing.


This is not just for Diamonds, I am in Sapphire and for a few weeks and so most attak results not registering right after they end and you see your prim got attacked banner minutes later or reloged in game.


this needs fixing though.

I can see arguments for and against. It is confusing as all hell I’ll admit. But it’s easily worked around.

But if it took snapshots at the time of attack start it could lead people to attacks where their troops die but the other person has no troops.

Sure there may be a way to fix it. And if it can be done fairly so be it. It’s just having a solution with minimal downsides

Don’t attribute an action to malice when can be explained by incompetence


I think you must be mistaken. If your primarch was killed all your troops on it died, correct? You say you’re still in the process of summoning your primarch and it gets attacked again, causing you to lose more troops.

Well, you can’t have troops on a primarch while it is being summoned, correct?

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Exactly. I had no primes active, yet lost additional troops. Explain that one to me.

server lag?

If you have not resummoned your prims at all then yes you may have a bug on your hands. If the primarch was resummoned before the troop loss then it’s not a bug it’s a feature.

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Was tuesday server lag :laughing: so ur prim was prob still sitting at that location and 8 mins they hit and u got canned by lag :laughing: just suggestion lol and its possible

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You didn’t lose them when you thought you did? You got a report for a battle late. Go through your battle reports and add up the troop loss, I would bet you didn’t lose more than you had on the primarch. You have heard Folks talking about the (even more than usual) lag on Tuesdays, right?

What I said was ignorant? How so? You typed the post, I responded to your post as you typed it. I won’t stoop to name calling but would suggest you reflect a bit.

Good luck to you


That is true read my last weeks post :laughing: u was attack by this same guy 25x if jot more every 2 minutes for a hour straight if not longer

Not you, the post before yours. Sorry

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Yesterday, all day, Atlas was crazy laggy , fake gold, no chests , only thing that worked was troops to revive, and those your prim has been freed were like an hour late each ( for the same prim)

I generally stay out of Atlas on Tuesdays except for team activities…

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The obvious answer is park on saph team castles and not diamond team castles. If that doesn’t work, go down to plat castles. I rarely lose alot of troops on gold castles.
^^^ez game

This. There is some weird Tuesday maint or whatever PG does. Not a good time to mount up big raids or much of anything. I suggest you fire up Netflix and do something else, anything but Atlas.