Atlas Glory Bands

Has there been any discussion for the upcoming Atlas updates on changing the glory bands?

Just recently watch a 498 on a over 1000 atlas ranked team hitting my team that is ranked around 150.

Of course this person is hitting people less than level 400. But by the glory calculator is getting better than 80% glory. All because of the team ranking? That just doesn’t seem right.

I’ve never seen the team this person was from so I assume its somebody slumming it on a lower team to be able to get easy glory at the beginning of a season.

Hopefully there is something in the works to prevent this. I just dont think PG should incentivize this type of behavior. But as it currently stands this is the way to go for Atlas.

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No. Team ranking factor is capped at 100%.
It’s solely based on level difference.

Needs to be to tower lvls

No it shouldn’t, why reward people for having crappy long bases?


Could you please explain what you mean by that? That a lvl 500 on a gold team will not get any glory hitting plat teams? Team power 1200 for attacker and team power 700s for defender lets say.

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Rank 1000 hitting rank 150, means than rank factor is 100% (same glory gain as in NML).
That “over 80% glory gain” is solely based on level difference.

I said lvl 90 towers u have to be close to mid 400s

If you have abmysal dragons also you can take 100% regardless

Or i can sandbag also seems legit go hit a 380 for 80% glory being 494 :smiley: ive done it and can stay doing since its aye okay they built there base and pg gave opt to fix it full alt atlas teams work wonders :smiley: might even be more glory :smile:

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I think they raised the level minimum for 100% Glory too high. Now it’s very hard to get Glory as one of the lower lvl players on a high power team.

If people in their 400’s can sit on Platinum teams and get Glory from every castle on the map, they should be worth more Glory as well.

Low lvl players shouldn’t be on a high ranked team :rofl:. How does that help the team, other than giving the team coming to hit the high ranked team. Crappy glory forced to hit low lvl taunter or player. If your that low of lvl on high ranked team. How do you attack the high lvl players on the similar ranked teams? I see this very often. Alts being used to detour attacking as no glory to hit them. But like i said, a handful of teams run the game. With their huge amounts of troops and rss. With no restrictions other than low glory, what a joke. Obviously the low lvl doesn’t have millions of troops to lose. But the high lvl player does. What’s 2k Troops at 0% glory to kill 15k. Of a person with only 100k In total. When you have 16 million troops. Or even few million.

Wow, thanks for the pointless rant.

Being lower lvl in comparison to some in my team/league doesn’t make me “low level”. I am in the right place for my activity and participation.

Which scenario is worse for the game? A lvl 500 sandbagging in Plat, or a lvl 416 trying hard in Diamond? :thinking:

Why are you comparing troop counts with player level? No one is saying high level players should get good Glory from low level players. I just want a fair opportunity to get Glory, as people on teams both above and below the power of my team are able to get from me.

T4s shouldn’t be worth an automatic 100% Glory and I shouldn’t get 50% Glory from someone above my level. If the problem was strictly my level, then I wouldnt be seeing so many players higher than me doing swaps for their Glory.

…and it doesnt have to be a zero sum game. Players on lower power teams could get bonus revives/glory when attacked by higher power teams or whatever other mechanics to prevent and compensate for bullying.

Right now that mechanic is to take away the ability for many to efficiently farm Glory without swapping (2-player Farmville). Glory is required to finish season lines so we all need a way to earn it in a reasonable manner. This currently is not a good system.


Well, that’s what people are calling it when a high power team attacks a low power team. I can understand, but I don’t think punishing the higher power team player is the way to go, would rather see mechanics more in the way of compensating the lower power team.

just because they can not hit back but facts are most teams not all are in a mega alliance or agree to be meat shields which them diamonds cant get thru without slamming smallers to get actual glory! its not bullying anyways plus u agree to meatshield anyways facts are in war there is no bullying even pg will confirm

I’m not sure about that. If PG felt that way, then I wouldnt be getting 50% glory against players that are higher level than me just because of what team they are on.

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Even in literal war, there are rules of engagement. Most teams, don’t sign up to be meatshields? This is just only castles left, no one else wants. Top ranked teams (soldiers) shouldn’t be hitting the lowest ranked teams. (Kids) in atlas compared.


You won’t find me hitting these. As I can find open areas. Of similar ranked teams to me. I don’t need to pick on the little guys trying to get better.

yet theses diamonds are giving away * being giving to plats to hold for less glory and so they can snitch the hit on empty sitting castles because teams have to many!