Atlas glory calcs seem wrong

I ran an attack in atlas in NML and the numbers seem to be calculating incorrectly. Silver destroyer vs bronze taunter, 5 flames with no backup. Both primes have season boost. Mech’s glory calculator matches what my quick math says. Why are they different?

He came pretty close, but you got a slight debuff for army size difference

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Did you factor in fort boosts and sieger debuffs? Looks like a castle

Edit: could be what enigma said too. I don’t know if mech ever figured out the army size thing but if he didn’t that for sure could explain it.

It was a NML so no forts or siegers in the mix. I know it is only 200 glory but that’s 7% which adds up over time. I’ve never noticed much of a difference for army sizes but I guess that could be it.

There is an army size bonus… I’m not sure anyone has reverse engineered it. It’s docukented in the zendesk faq but the numbers listed don’t work when you try.

That being said it’s almost certainly that. It falls within the range of error id expect from it

Yeah. I’ve experienced this:

Me 326 attack, 3750 troops, them 270 defense, 30k troops. Didn’t kill 7.5k in that five flame attack.

PGMichael stated that its a linear 0-15% between 2x-4x army size.

I still question it, thinking that it’s closer to a 0-20% empirically.


Alternately, was the taunter maybe possibly a L9 rather than an 8? Just curious if this was possible, but the troop imbalance of 0-15 vs 0-20% makes far more sense in my mind

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at least i finally understood it :see_no_evil: army size bonus

and rounding up that shows in our logs makes it tricky to track properly too :see_no_evil:


Yup must be troop imbalance formula. It’s still not nailed down, gives you within 10% which is mostly reasonable i think.

The calculator is mainly a reality check and learning tool. If it’s off a wee bit i’m not too upset :slight_smile:

I didn’t realize about the army size difference. I just usually keep the attack rating equal to or higher than defense and go for 5. Usually that nets me max glory for my troops. This was no way a dig on Mech.

Army size is a thing. If you attack enough you would have noticed it.

Simply adjust by making sure your AP is higher than the DP. I usually aim for about 15-20 difference at least if the army size is 3x mine or more.

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Honestly I usually don’t pay much attention as long as I max. This one I had a 32 attack rating advantage so it just surprised me and made me wonder if something changed with the latest update.

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