Atlas Glory Changes with new update?

Can anyone confirm if there were changes to Atlas glory calculations with this newest update?

Glory attacks/swaps that were even before (nml, 302att vs 304def = 8.9 glory -15k troops) seem drastically out of wack, and the only difference I could find was Den level(78 vs 67). Are we back to that as the calculation?

I don’t believe anything has changed.

If you share more details (eg starting numbers of troops on each prim, levels and number of flames) I’m sure someone can tell you what glory you should be getting.

team rating could have changed as well that’s part of the calculation

Not in nml

Thanks flumpie. Was mostly just confirming I didnt miss something after my 30min of scouring the forums. I will go do some more testing with more controls.

That said, is there anywhere that has the full glory calc mechanic detailed?

I have 4 glory swap chats with over 300 players in them, and feel pretty confident in my ability to predict troop loss/glory, but I would love to see the actual details or even the code.

Recently I got a surprise when swapping in nml with someone with near identical ap/dp but they had 65k troops loaded to my 15k. The glory split was 9k/11.2k, and my glory went up each hit until 15k vs 15k troops was 11.1k/11.2k glory, the amount I expected all along. So the amount of troops loaded drastically impacted my glory. Id love to know if that is only attacker (less troops) vs defender (more troops), or if it is consistent in the calculations both ways. Stuff like that. Thanks all!

If one primarch has a 2x or more troop advantage, that party gets a “large army bonus”, which acts like an up to 15% buff to their relevant primarch stat. This is documented (incorrectly afaict, of course) in one of the zendesk guides, and also accounted for in mech/nido glory calculator.

Awesome. Thank you!

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