Atlas: Glory for Riders and Primarchs


Note: this guide is designed to be simplistic and just cover the very basics of Atlas as to not overwhelm people. If you would like to see a more in depth guide, please see this thread by @Gox1201: Atlas – Hold on to your hat Dorothy or for some advice see the WDGeek’s information: WDGeeks Atlas.

If you haven’t already read it, check out my first Atlas: The Beginner Friendly Guide and my second guide Atlas: The Beginner Friendly Guide Pt. 2


Overview: There is a lot going on in Atlas, and a lot to take in. My first Atlas: The Beginner Friendly Guide covers the needed information for those of your brand new to Atlas where your team doesn’t have land. The focus of this second part of the guide is to go a little more in depth for those of you who do own a team castle in Atlas or who simply want to know more about Atlas a little bit at a time. You can find that here: Atlas: The Beginner Friendly Guide Pt. 2

This guide is to focus on the specifics of Glory, Troops, & Primarchs and how they all work together.


image Glory is the Atlas version of experience and is represented by a medal icon with a “G” in it. Primarchs and riders both need Glory to “level up” or upgrade. You gain Glory by killing enemy troops with your primarch - either by attacking them directly or by being attacked. As long as troops are killed, glory is earned.

Remember that your team may have requirements about “hunting Glory” to ensure your team has enough troops to take over or keep your land. Having enough troops in reserve “just in case” is much more important than getting Glory.


Primarchs and Dragon Riders both need Glory to level up. Leveling these up increases their stats and makes them far more useful to you. Even if you and your team plan on sitting in neutral an be minimally active in Atlas, you still want to level up those Dragon Riders at the minims to boost their stats.


Since Glory is earned by killing troops, you need to kill troops of an enemy. Pretty basic on the surface level, but there is a little more to the details of earning Glory that you need to understand.

image Step 1: Build Troops

Killing enemy troops is how you earn Glory, but you cannot kill enemy troops until you have troops of your own with which to kill your foes. Before you can earn Glory, you therefore need to build up an army of troops to use. Not a couple hundred troops in your army, but thousands and tens of thousands for the basic needs.

If you do not have Atlas Elite, plan to log in twice a day to do multiple runs on Gold Mines. Use 800k gold each time (once in your morning, once in your later afternoon/evening) to build 800 troops. If you can maintain this, you will build 1.6k troops a day or 11,200 troops a week, which is a great start.

image Step 2: Primarchs

Now that you have some troops, load up your Primarch and let’s find some Glory. It should just be as easy as attacking some random Primarch with troops right? Noooope. It is a little bit more than that. There are three kinds of Primarchs:

  • Balanced Primarchs: Fighter, Destroyer
  • Defensive Primarchs: Taunter, Trapper (formerly called Rusher)
  • Offensive Primarch: Sieger

Balanced Primarchs can either attack or be attacked to earn Glory. Defensive Primarchs should never attack and should only be attacked to earn Glory. Offensive Primarchs should never be attacked and should only attack to earn Glory. This is very important to note. Since Glory is based off of how many enemy troops you kill, you want to do so while losing minimal troops yourself. Being attacked with an offensive Primarch out means you will lose a lot of trops and your enemy will lose very few. The opposite is true for Defensive Primarchs if attacking. Keep this in mind always.

imageStep 3: Riders

There are, of course, both Atlas dragon riders and Season dragon riders. Season riders can only be leveled up using items found in that season’s line, an no amount of Glory will ever allow them to level up otherwise. Atlas riders require both Glory and a new currency to level up: Dragon Rider Shards: image. Dragon Rider Shards can be earned through Atlas Events, from Atlas Chests, or purchased in packs in the Store.

In order for a dragon rider to earn Glory, it must participate in the battle in some way. One way a rider can participate in the battle is by being on the dragon you are attacking with. The other way a rider can earn Glory is by being on a perch when you are attacked in Atlas. Similarly to dragons, riders will split glory if you use multiple riders to attack or defend. The glory is not split between season riders and atlas riders.


As stated in my Atlas: The Beginner Friendly Guide Pt. 2, there are some lands which you can attack in, and some you cannot. Any territory that has the Neutral Zone (NZ) symbol image over it cannot host attacks. Thus, you cannot earn glory in NZ. This means that you have to venture out of your safe space to earn Glory, but where?

Note: Before you head out on your adventure to earn Glory, make sure you check in with your team leadership to see if there are any teams you should not be attacking or places they do not want to you to attack. Atlas is a political place, so it can be dangerous as a member to just willy nilly go attack anyone you see.

image No Man’s Land

No Man’s Land, or NML, are pure PVP territories in Atlas. This means that no one can claim these lands, and everyone can be attacked in these lands. NML are always bright red, such as the image above. Your primarch can always fly directly to NML and hang out here. If you want to be attacked (such as with a defensive or balanced primarch only), you can just sit your primarch here and wait for someone to come hit you. Make sure your team knows so they can defend you if you log off!

In the same respect, if you are trying to level up your offensive primarch or rider, you can scout out NML and find someone that is waiting to be attacked for their Glory!

image Some Poor Team’s Castle

No matter if you are attacking or want to be attacked, you can always go to some team’s castle. If you want to attack, be warned that you may be stuck at that castle until your primarch dies. This is due to the blockade on the basic level, but if the team knows what they are doing, they may use their Trappers to trap and keep you there. If you want to be attacked, well, they will almost certainly attack you since you lock down that castle with your primarch (they cannot use the bank, etc).

Remember: Atlas is a political place. Always check with your leadership before you go try to Glory Hunt on a real team’s home.


Calculating Glory is a touch more complicated than how XP is calculated in the main game. We know Glory is basically the enemy troops killed, but there is more to it than that. Let’s dive in.

Glory Calculation Basics

We spoke about how the number of enemy troops kills is the basic foundation of Glory. If we take a look there, here are those basic numbers.

  • Enemy Troops killed earn 0.75 points of Glory each.
  • This determines your maximum possible Glory earned.

Now, we know that only enemy troops killed give us Glory, but there is a little bit of information here that influences how much Glory you can earn.

  • Your Troops that die in combat earn no (0) Glory, BUT cap the maximum amount of Glory you can earn in the battle at 1.5x of your Troops that are killed.

Let’s put these things together for an example. If you kill 6,000 enemy troops, your maximum possible glory is 4,500 (since 6,000 x 0.75 = 4,500). If you lost only 2,000 troops in that attack, this means your maximum Glory earned is now 3,000 (2,000 x 1.5 = 3,000). So even though we killed enough troops to earn 4,500 Glory, we can only actually earn 3,000 due to our own troops.

Player Level Difference

Glory is also influenced by your player level and the player level you are attacking or being attacked by (when not at home: more at that later).

This image is telling us that in order to earn full possible glory, we need to attack players that are similar in level to us. That’s the basics. Let’s look at the specific examples of this:

Your Level Opponent Level for 100% Glory Opponent Level for 50% Glory Opponent Level for 0% Glory
600 420 or more 310 199 or less
500 350 or more 258 166 or less
400 280 or more 207 133 or less
300 210 or more 155 99 or less
250 175 or more 129 83 or less
200 140 or more 103 66 or less
150 105 or more 77 49 or less
100 70 or more 52 33 or less
50 35 or more 26 16 or less

So if you are level 100, you need to attack a player that is at least level 70 in order to earn 100% possible Glory. If you attack someone that is level 52, however, you will earn 50% Glory. It is important to note that this table is just a set of examples. When you go to attack someone in Atlas, it will show you under the attack action exactly how much Glory you will earn, percentage wise.

Team Influence Rating

Your Team’s Influence ranking also impacts the Amount of Glory earned from an attack. If your team’s Influence ranking is much higher than the opponent’s, then you will earn less Glory for such an attack. Your team’s Influence is determined by the total number of castles your team owns (weighted by castle level, not infrastructure levels) and Troops your team owns (not Castle Guards or Troops waiting to be revived).

Honestly, this is such a tricky calculation and this feature might be removed soon anyway, so we are told. Basically, if your team is ranked higher than another, you will earn less Glory.

Being Attacked on Your Team Castle

If you are on a castle that has been owned by your team for more than 24 hours, the amount of Glory you earn is always 100%. However, if this is not the case, then Glory is further modified based the player levels of the combatants involved–the more evenly-matched you are, the better the Glory amount.

This 100% Glory also applies to castles your allies have owned for more than 24 hours.

I hope this Glory guide was helpful for everyone! As always, please comment down below with any corrections or questions you may have!

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Thank you for this! I am finding your beginners guides very informative :hugs: so much to learn!


Still a bit confused about the level.
Is it interval based (51-100, 101- 150, etc.) or simply 70% your level or more ?
(100% glory)


Simply 70% of your level or more. The table are just examples.


For primarch hiding in the safezone, is there any limitation? (e.g. Only being able to hide for certain amount of time)


Nope. :t_rex:


When I used 2 riders (one atlas, one season) in an attack, it did actually split the GP (obviously season rider doesn’t need/receive it). So my atlas rider got 1/2 the glory (I since then have only hit where I can solo or have backup).

This may have changed though, that was when I was brand new to Atlas and didn’t know any better.


Hmmm. I’ll test more with this to check - ty


This is correct. The glory is still split. Both offensively and defensively if you have 2 perches equipped in a defense scenario


Can glory for defensive rider be earned in any way other than waiting for someone to attack my Primarch in Atlas? (For instance, putting the Atlas defensive rider on a hunter)


Absolutely. You can put any Atlas rider either on a dragon and attack with it, or on a perch and defend with it to earn glory. Offense or defense does not matter, you still get glory for it


That’s awesome to know! I’m having a hard time earning glory for my defensive rider due to having a small base. Thanks a lot for the information


what kind of event does atlas have?
level rider/prim (using stocking glory and shard for point)
crafting (using elemental crystal and scroll for point)
train troop (using hat, gold, timer for point)


That is it.


if I put tanok on platinum dragon at seagazer perch, defensive on blue dragon at riverwatch perch, will the glory slit in two?


yes :frowning:


Unfortunately yes. The glory is split equally between the amount of riders used even if a rider (for instance seasonal or expert) doesn’t have the ability to use the glory.


That is it.

The rotation is:
Troop Training
Troop Training

Then repeat.


That’s a lot simpler than main-game events… yay! :t_rex:


About Leveling event. Should I get all glory for leveling during that event, or, like for feeding, can gather xp/glory in advance, and then just level-up them?