Atlas glory in teams

I was reading league chat the other day and people were talking about getting glory. They were talking about how using red zones was an inefficient way of getting glory so I decided to look for an active team in atlas.
All the ones I have spoken to or joined get glory from red zones. The teams I am talking about are platinum/lower sapphire. Is it normal for this level of teams to only get glory from red zones due to the politics of atlas? What is the most effective way you guys have found for getting glory?

I get glory from mainly raiding castles. I dont rely on redzone too much because of how many issues (glitches, lag etc) revolve around redzone. It makes it nearly impossible for me to get anything done.

Depends which greater faction your team resides in.

Many teams only want you to hunt glory in red zones. But some teams will as a team/alliance will seige a castle, this is something planned by leadership etc. Some teams will also do castle guard swaps, also something planned by the leadership… Which reminds me I need to work on setting that up 🤦

So depending on your player level, and what is available in NML, it can be equally profitable to attack in NML. Higher leveled players will likely only be able to get decent results on castles as of late.

A lot of smaller teams are afraid of retaliation and promote a no hitting castles rule. Sometimes this is merited sometimes it isn’t. (I’ve seen platinum teams who couldn’t atop their guys from hitting neighboring friendly castles).

Ultimately atlas growth will probably require you to graduate into hitting castles, but if you can get enough good glory, who cares if it’s in NML.

I would recommend you do what works for you. If you can make NML work out well enough then it’s fine to stick with it. If you can’t, move to a team that allows hitting castles. Similar to Wars there are sort of degrees or organization atlas teams develop from house full of cats to coordinated strikes.


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