Atlas Glory mechanics have changed in some unexplained way?

I’ve been playing around in atlas since it opened and seen some weird results. I’m 462. I’ve been attacking some 400+, all of which show 100% for me for glory. I’m in Aligane doing attack to test. I attack the 411 with my S2 destroyer with 525 attack. His trapper has 511 defence. I have 3,999 troops. 100% of the time in the past I would have got just under 6k glory. It would display 5.9k. This time I got 5.3k.

I thought it was a fluke so I did some more. Same thing every time. My attack is higher than their defence. All 100% for glory. 400 gives me 5.2k. 420 gives me 5.9k. Wtf is going on?

Err, might wanna blur out player/team names

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Did you have the boost from the branch from the last season?

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I finished Atlas last season so I had everything you could get. Do you mean with my destroyer? It’s S2 level 25 so 525 is natural for it. That’s what it had exactly on that attack. If you mean something else I don’t know. :slight_smile:

You get a boost from the season branch for that primarch that goes away after the season ends. This is probably why you are noticing a change.

How many troops you’ve killed with your 4k in both cases? Glory is not just 1.5k * your troops lost. It also limited by attacked prim - 0.7 * number of troops killed. Also would be good to know, how many troops were on defender.

Ah no it’s not that. My attack was still above their defence number even with the drop from 656 to 525. I was using actual accurate numbers from those attacks.

Hmm. I took out 6.9k and 7.1k troops on the two who I attacked. They had more than that because I lost 100% of my 3,999 troops in both attacks. I don’t know how many total troops they had though. Enough for me to suicide on them anyways. I got 5.2k and 5.3k glory on those two attacks respectively. That doesn’t work out to .7 of anything but it could be related for sure. I’ve never ever noticed that limit though and I’ve finished the last two atlas seasons completely about 90% in Aligane. Don’t judge me. Lol. And believe me, I pay attention closely to what I’m doing in atlas.

Usually, when attack is equal to defense, you should kill twice as much compared to your loss. And your attack is higher than defense, but you killed less than 8k. That means that defender had at least twice as much troops, and likely more. There is a debuff about 10% to attack, if another prim has > 2x troops, and the debuff is increasing to about 15-20% in case the difference is 4x or more. Might be wrong with exact percentage, but principle is as described.

7k * 0.7 is about 5k.

Also, to get 6k glory using 4k, you need to kill more than 8k, meaning that you should have higher attack than defence of other prim. Likely it was more often before end of season, due to seasonal buff.

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