Atlas Glory still needs work

PG recently changed the glory gained from attacking lower level bases to be more in line with how it should be. I found it humorous that someone could attack a base 70% their level and still get full glory. Now they are required to hit a base their level or higher to get full glory.

However, it should be made that a defending base should get glory based off a similar scale. If a 150 is attacked by a 350 the defender appears to be getting the significantly reduced glory as the attacker. It should very much be the opposite.

One example is if a lvl 250 base shuts down a lvl 270 attacker the defender should get at least full glory.

If I am wrong the scale the defender gets please point that out.

Have you factored in the team influence rating?
Have you owned your home castle for >24hr and were you attacked there?

As far as I know the glory calculations haven’t changed since the season started (including the 70% threshold or level 300+ to get full level glory) with one important exception: the influence and level calculations are now additive instead of multiplicative. Means a level 300+ will never give less than 50% of earned glory no matter how low influence is. Before this change, could be 0 or close to it. Plus you always get 100% glory at your home islands owned for more than a day.

No, but I only got 300 glory off the lvl 365 attacker that just hit my lvl 115 base even though he killed 4k troops. I have gotten much more than that with lower level, but still higher than myself.

I thought if you owned the castle for 24hours and were attacked at it… no matter the influence of the attacking team, the defender would get 100% glory. Or did I miss understand it :man_shrugging:t3:

I was in a red area. not at castle

This is likely due to the attacker losing very few troops and the calculation using the min troop loss function.

edit: to counter that, the level component of the calculation would have to continue to scale beyond 100% I believe

TOTAL GLORY EARNED = MIN[(Enemy Troops Killed * 0.75), (Your Troops Killed * 1.50)] * (Level component + Influence component) / 2

So yeah the attacker isn’t getting much glory either, but they just cost someone significantly lower level a ton of troops for little to no effort.

edit2: example:
350 hits 150:
troops losses are 789 and 7500.

Max glory for defender is 592.
789*.75 = 591.75
7500*1.5 = 11250
Min is obviously 591.75

Attacker’s perspective:
Min is now 1183.5 BUT then the level and influence come into play and that calculation isn’t published afaik… The in-game calculator shows 63.32% best case which is 749.39.

So yeah realistically you can have people seal clubbing and coming out ahead still.

AND little to no extrinsic reward; just the satisfaction of causing their victim grief.

I agree with this 100%. I don’t have a great suggestion besides perhaps in NML attacks, troop loss should be scaled down for a DEFENDING player significantly lower level than an attacker. A 350 should not be able to wipe out all of a 115’s troops in NML - that’s a big player being a jerk, and shouldn’t cause a lower level to lose several days worth of troops while trying to hunt glory. Conversely, if that 115 wants to attack a 350 - that’s THEIR decision, so the typical kill ratios are still fair. On castles, normal troop kill ratios are also still fair.

Thx all

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