Atlas glory: the little fish


Hey wonderful and less wonderful people :joy: I was wondering as a lower level play in atlas what strategy’s do people use to get glory, when all other players are in much higher levels… what prims etc. would it be better to leave a trapper full of troops of should I take a Steiger out and smash myself against the bigger bases? Or stick to a destroyer and wait for people to find me hoping there’re my level.

I have wasted 1000s of troops trying to gain glory so thought I would ask for others opinions. :v:


I don’t know how active this is, but check it out:

Also, no, don’t sit in nml with a sieger or a destroyer. You’re best bet is attacking with a sieger and getting back up (paying attention to prime’s def numbers and not hitting if it’s higher than yours or if it’s close but has more than twice your amount of troops).

Attacking siegers with your trapper is the most effective way of getting glory for your trapper, else just get hit, inefficienct, but you get 100% revives most of the time.


So if I leave my trapper I won’t loose as many troops long term?


This is my favorite thing to do right now. Camp in NML with a trapper, nobody hits you, and initiate an attack on an incoming sieger before they can find a target and launch/finish their attack.

Good glory for your trapper and rider you hit with, plus you will know that they won’t defend their own base since they are busy attacking.


You lose a lot, and get crap glory per troop lost.

But, almost all of them are ones you can revive and you can, if you don’t need the troops elsewhere, do it while you sleep.


Actually the way glory is calculated, you want to lose troops in close proximity of killing the other players troops. 2 examples;

  1. you are a rusher with 300 def, and a seiger hits you with 300 attack. If successful attack they will kill 7.5k troops of yours and lose about 3-5k based on flames. This will get you both good amount of glory because you both lost a good amount of troops.

  2. you are a seiger with 300 attack, and you attack a player with a destroyer at 170 def. You will kill off 7.5k troops again, but lose only maybe ~1k. This will get both players crap glory because glory is maxed by 1.5x the amount of troops lost.

So for you being a lower lvl, I would focus on building up your defense primarch (rusher) and then just park it in NML and get hit essentially. If you have other teammates on then yes look for seigers to attack where they can back you because even if your attack power is only 50 points, a seiger may only have 50 defense. But if you want to go attack castles and be more offensive, build up your seiger. Get in, attack, then leave. Unless you have a taunter covering you. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


:man_facepalming:t3: This is inefficient, as they will lose 3750 troops and you only get 2813 glory for losing 7500 of your own. It IS low maintenance, and easy to do to just leave trapper in nml, but attacking a sieger is going to be better glory, especially given that low levels waltz in to nml with loaded siegers.

False, this gives your troops lost the max glory cap (1.5x as mentioned). If you wanted, you could get 4 flames on the said taunter to get closer to a 2:1 ratio so you don’t have to do as many battles, but you want to do at least 2:1 ratios in your battles.

(I am assuming you know that 5 flames x2 your prime attack power, 4 flames is 1.5 x attpower, and 3 is x1)


The closer to just over 2:1 the more efficiently you will convert your troops to glory at the best ratio possible

And to elaborate a bit more, your overall troop ratio is the multiplication of
(attacker attack stat / defender defense stat) x (flame ratio stat)


With troop amounts thrown in there just to mess your calcs up


How many troops do you take?


My statement is not necessarily false, just missing more info on getting 4 flames, and 3 flames which no I did not know it’s goes to a 2:1 on a 4 flame attack. I was based off a 5 flame perfect attack from my experience. But interesting I will go for that 4 flames then instead in certain cases like that


Yeah that one is really screwing with me. I need to do more testing to nail it down.


As a lvl 72 I leave my Trapper in nml for glory and if you’re active enough it is a good way to do well in troop train too (especially if you get horns from prizes in trees)

I get around 2.8k all the way up to 6k plus glory for losing 7.5k troops in aligane on my lvl 5 trapper it was, now that it’s lvl 9 since current prim train dunno how the numbers will differ but bear in mind my base is relatively well built and relatively well buffed by perch and therefore pretty defendable

Screenshots can be provided for those that wish to tell me I’m wrong on my numbers lel

Edit: I’ll usually just defend to make sure they miss a 5 flame (if possible) and then leave. Yes I have been hit by lvl 200+ garnet and shit lel so nothing I can do about that, that’s usually where I get around 3.3k glory or less, also my prim is unbuffed, super long Edit style :rofl:


I hate when that happens to my Sieger. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Another thing you can do is find someone about your level and ask to swap glory hits with them.


Isn’t the max glory for a bronze primarch 5.6k or do you have silvers already? :t_rex:


How little are you, Rev?

People get mad about castle raiding, but I feel like little guys have limited options. I have a, uh, friend who’s midlevel and did this post land grab, when a lot of teams had unfortified castles adjoining NML. My friend killed enough guys that way to get a silver destroyer, and nowadays he just whacks trappers in Aligane at >2:1.

Other options:

a) Get a trapper and park it in an NML full of clueless teams. Hope that one of them sends a trapper to attack. (“You’re taking my spot!”)

b) Tell your team leadership you’re having problems finding glory and get them to set up a glory swap chat with your neighbors.

c) Have a bigger teammate back you.

When attacking in NML, take slightly more than what you need to max out casualties on your planned target, do the hit, get out, refuel, go again.




I didn’t understand this sentence, elaborate pls? :sweat_smile: :t_rex:


He is exaggerating as per usual, you can’t get 6k glory for 7500 troops :man_shrugging:
The max is 7500 x 0.75 = 5625