Atlas glory: the little fish


Sure. So when you attack in Aligane as a non-enormous player, you should move in and out quickly, to minimize your window of vulnerability. Have a target selected beforehand, and do the rough math for how many troops you need to kill all of theirs / up to the per-battle cap for theirs. (5k for fighters, 7.5k for bronze 2, 25k for silver 1), based on your relative stats. (I.e., if you have equal attack to their defense, but are confident of 5-flaming a bronze 2 target, you’ll be killing at 2:1. So, 7500 / 2 = 3750 troops.) Take only those troops and a few more to buffer, so that you don’t have to resummon your primarch.


Ahhh interesting. I usually take about 4k but maybe I should be thinking about it a bit more lol. Thanks :star::t_rex:


4K is pretty reasonable. It’s enough to max if you manage to hit 2:1 (what you should be aiming for). The competent people usually won’t attack you, which gives you better odds if you do get hit. :stuck_out_tongue:





Not quite exaggerating there :wink: but it’s K yall think you know everything :man_shrugging:t3: Maybe that might be true per battle but I meant as in I send 7.5k troops out I get back more than 6k glory

Always so quick to jump to conclusions :wink:

Edit: pics to validate above said post lol


Really though it truly is funny how passive aggressive you are mech lol


None of those results are over 6k glory… so you’re exaggerating. The glory cap for a bronze Primarch is 5.6k. I have no idea what you’re on about.

Your own passive aggressiveness doesn’t look too good either, buddy. :t_rex:


Lol did you even read what I said? In the post before screenshots? And yes I know also I’m aggressive and arrogant half the time too :man_shrugging:t3: Just how I am, not changing that in forums

Also take a second look at screenshots and look at troops lost


I did. You said you get over 6k glory and you don’t in any of those screenshots, so I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

You don’t. :t_rex:



Maybe 3rd times a charm…
I’ll even tell ya how to do it

Step 1: look at first screenshot

Step 2: look at my troops lost on both attacks and add those numbers together

Step 3: add the 2 glory counts together

Step 4: compare glory to troops lost

If you can’t figure it out after that then I will be forced to give up on you :sleepy:


I’m done posting on this topic anyhow I said my peace and proved it I’m out


If you’re going to be an asshole about it then have a nice day. I have better things to do :v::t_rex:


Okay this will be my official last post on this topic…

I’m not even going to take the time to quote you I’m about to go play basketball, but let’s go over it really quick,

I proved to you that I was right and me and mech have been going back and forth for awhile, you jumped in with your demeaning undertone and tried to tell me that I’m wrong even though the math and screenshots VERY clearly prove I’m right

I tell you to take another look you get mad and tell me I’m wrong yet again so I get exhausted with this and use my own demeaning tone and take the time to explain to you how you can go see I’m right

then you get all pissed and call me an asshole when I was trying to help you understand how what I said wasn’t an exaggeration

I’m sorry if you think that I’m SUCH an asshole for refusing to let you tell me I’m wrong when statistically I’m right


The max glory for ONE attack is 5.6k. I think you’re misunderstanding something- in multiple attacks, you can have the total glory add up to more than 5.6k, of course. (Actually, is this what you’re trying to say? Don’t be an asshole and articulate the differences between your beliefs and the other person’s like a non-asshole.) Please take the time to read and understand where other people are coming from before you go off on them, in view of the risk of exposing how much of a child you actually are.

OP: I think quite a few good options have been shared with you. Personally, I’d like to suggest extending the range of levels that you can attack by practicing more on the challenging bases in your matchmaking- hunters as a class are particularly good at this. Alternatively, some of your teammates may be happy to help out.


I have a problem with this method. The primarch bubble is there preventing me to pick the target

  • unlock rotation for Atlas in settings
  • zoom in reeeeally close and have precise fingers :stuck_out_tongue:


That happens to me too with the Aligane label preventing me from tapping the bottom few primarchs at that castle. Zoomy zoom zoomin’ in helps. :grin: :t_rex:



Damn it, I’ve been wanting that for ages and didn’t think it was possible! (Liz goes to adjust her settings in Atlas…)

Edit: OMG, It’s freaking wonderful :tada:


Oh, ha, I don’t think I can take credit for the discovery. I think I saw it in Gox’s post, but it’s a little harder to find your bearings (har har) when the landscape turns.


True, that is the one downside, but I’ve been so frustrated by the lack of being unable to turn the camera around when I’m trying to view around a castle… Sometimes I almost felt like throwing my iPad across the room :see_no_evil: