Atlas glory: the little fish


Gonna have to agree with Kate, you could articulate what you mean or try to understand what he means instead of just bashing, being unclear, and maybe being some of the things you insinuated?

If you’re talking about what is the max glory you can get with 7.5k troops (whether using silver primes or over multiple bronze battles), then it’d just be 1.5 x 7.5k.




Repeated myself 3x for those that read 1/3 of what I say you’re bound to read at least one of em
Can I be clearer?


Finally got a chance to pull this out! Please refer to it when crafting your arguments, the lesser you attack people ad hominem, the lower the chance that people will think you’re an asshole! Surprising, I know.

If your argument and presentation didn’t sway anyone the first time round, I’m not seeing why reposting the entire thing, and supplementing it with redundancies, will help your point.

To be fair though, Lutrus is right. One attack will grant you the max of 5.6k glory, 7.5k troops spread over multiple attacks will grant you about 11k glory. Can we let OP’s thread live in peace, now? It doesn’t deserve defacement.


Really,I didn’t know that. I’m sitting in the SafeZone and the way I get glory for my little Bronze fighter is look around for Siegers in NML or sitting at a Castle that doesn’t have its barricades up that’s around my level and do a hit and run. Lol On well, I guess they’ll just have to get over it, or play wiser.

I mean if it is okay for a team to wipe out the same team’s set of castles daily for no reason other than shear nastiness, what I’m doing is miniscle.


1/ look at the range of level you usually see, it is best to fine a lonely trapper or taunter as people tend to leave it there to be attack and no defence
2/ prepare a sieger and bring to the safe place that nearest enemy primarch
3/ ask for a bigger back up
4/ attack, base on what result you want, ask the back up to finish or swap out so you can get less than 5 flames


:confused: Even if other people are being demeaning pos, you can be better than them. I’m not saying you’re the one who started it, I’m saying you’re showing yourself as the biggest asshole here. Can we stop discussing this? This really isn’t a valuable discussion.


Yeah, uh, as a rule of thumb, I try not to piss off people in bigger teams than I am, since occasionally they get angry that I’m killing their smaller people. If you’re only hitting one or two players per team, though, most teams just roll with it.


Considering what happened to my team I could care less what the bigger team thinks. They can’t hit me in the safe zone, I have no castles, and if they want to hit this account outside of Atlas I don’t care about that either since this game has almost been ruined for me anyway. Also, I don’t keep hitting the same player usually it’s random.


Thanks everyone for the help :+1: the game glitch yesterday and when it reloaded I lost my glory and the bullhorn prize in the rider tree :see_no_evil: I also had attempted to upgrade a prim and was gold capped so pressed tried using diamonds… it said it couldn’t but later I go on and I don’t have diamonds and my primark is still the same level… is this the usual atlas problems I keep hearing about.


Hahaha. Nice. Yes. I saw that 6k. Here another sample too


What they compute though is the troops that you killed and not the troops you lost. So killing 7500 troops will only give you around 5.6k


Yeah, I’m pretty sympathetic to this viewpoint in general, just because the level element of glory scaling is overly relaxed below level 200, to the extent that following this convention with a low/mid level can be a pretty demoralizing experience. And, to paraphrase Beyonce, if they liked it, they should have put a fort on it. :man_shrugging: I’m also a Responsible, Lawful Good Leader ™, so diplomatic blowback is a bigger concern for me than it might be for 98% of other players and certainly moreso than you.

Sorry to hear about your experiences, though. :confused: Can I ask what happened? Feel free to PM me.


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