Atlas gold 1 teams in atlas

What do you guys think about gold teams in atlas good bad. Trouble or a mistake

I think there is already a discussion thread on this exact topic.


That was the notification of what they were going to do i want to know what players think of. Them being added

It’s good and bad.

  • Good for PG potentially more revenue via atlas elite.

  • Good for equality, more players have access to a decent system with solid rewards. Especially good if these leaders have atlas friends already.

  • Bad for everyone in atlas. ( lots of tiny low rank teams will occupy more gates meaning we gotta bubble 2-3 castles before we can earn glory. Likely more stagnation and more incentive to do swaps.

  • Potentially there could be more lag

  • Bad for teams that wanted to avoid atlas and just play main game as some of their players might get a taste for atlas and move to a better team. Also bad if the leaders have no atlas contacts and get frustrated with being whacked everywhere.

The problem is PG need more revenue and after gold gets added there isn’t much more to add so where will the revenue come from.

Lots of Diamond and Sapphire players already have a couple of sets of elite gear most elements of mythic gear and a big stockpile of gold and bullhorns so they are thinking about not renewing their subscriptions.

The problem is the map. It’s designed to be defensive.

Imagine playing chess where the objective wasn’t to take your opponents peices but where the objective was to sit in your starting squares and put different costumes on your pieces and give them a good polish.

That’s what atlas is. Everyone sits in their safe deep castles because there is no objective. Gear is not a sustainble long term objective.

PG could make way more money if they hired developers that have a background in strategy games.

Imagine a fun map with conflict that escalated for positional dominance.

That’s how strategy games have worked since forever.

Maybe they could make a castle expansion where we can decorate our bedroom, plant trees, paint the walls and breed pets. Monetize it that way since there isn’t anything strategic to do in atlas.


Well said danger and here we sit with our chess pieces all shiny and the goals to stay exactly where you started and to not move a piece and that’s quite literally like watching paint dry :man_shrugging:

This map requires almost zero offense tactics it’s primary objective is to take and hold defense and the only motivation to attack is ego and politically based.

So any tactics that arise from this are based on further consolidation of stagnation hence the dam piracy……

The entire player base should have had access day one but they couldn’t because they are utilizing elimination mechanics and the map couldn’t support the total player base!

Ahhhh but we have eliminated enough veterans and long time players there’s plenty of room now!

The use of zero positional mechanics makes this map tiny distance and time wise and because of that it’s unable to support the shrinking player base today and it had zero hope of doing so since day one!

Yes because it was not designed to support a large number of players or it would have utilized positional attacking and positional mechanics!

And any amateur tactician would have known that when the design process began…… :man_shrugging:

And yes we tried desperately for the entire length of beta to explain this to them and we were told they were the best and brightest game developer’s around ……

Yet they know nothing about tactical map design or how to create a war game much less the subtle difference between creation of a political theater and the creation of a battle field!

And the two types of mechanic sets supply vastly different game play and outcomes and a political theater is not designed to teach or escalate offensive tactics…… :man_facepalming::boom:


I think it’s good. We already know the issues with the map as these other guys stated, it’s pretty bad. But we now have basically the whole active player base that’s able to compete, it’ll take a bit but those getting atlas now have a better chance competing in the future. Everyone can now get the gear that’s been locked away with atlas.

Also why I think this new exotic gear is a good addition, it’s the first time I’ve actually believed I could have the same gear as the people on top teams. Only people I’ve seen complaining about exotic gear are those that have been able to sit in high teams with their mythic sets of every element not needing anything to else. Now maybe people will actually be on equal terms with them

It’s now been moved behind elite gear so it’s now less available to any but spenders ….

Not anymore!


No that’s the new gear I’m talking about. It’s not locked at all behind spenders. Can earn 1 mil glory over a week easy with only 200k troops just gotta take advantage of the hats refilling every 3 hours. And if I don’t wanna do that grind I could easily get the glory for it over the whole season.

Don’t know what sniping your doing but this isn’t that hard to achieve

This season yes ….lol
And next season it will not be available unless you clear the elite line…… lol
Take a peek at next season announcements :+1:

And it’s not about what i can accomplish lol
Take a look below you at the dwindling future of the game….

:woman_facepalming: I have, I know, I just said I knew. Can you not read

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Apparently you can’t because that gear is new and is not offered now…. so what I said stands :man_shrugging: You will not have the same access in the future….
The first set of gear was made available in a single line the next set will be buried and most new players were unable to acquire what was made available this season!

So for those able to claim the gear now it’s helpful but the rest of the player base who’s not kid game or above will now be forced to a acquire the entire line……

Yes for once those below endgame can finally get the gear end game players can get that’s how I look at it. Yes it takes grinding, itll take time. But finally normal players getting atlas aren’t 10 seasons behind

:woman_facepalming: Bro I know it’s locked behind elite next season stop trying to die on that hill

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While exotic gear was cheap and attainable this season this was a one off.

To get mythic gear you need to do either both elite defensive lines or both elite offensive lines.

Next season you will need to do all 4 elite lines for exotic gear.

That will be hard to do without elite or without a big stockpile of gold and bullhorns.

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I know, in fact I just said I knew about 3 times? Can none of you guys read at all?

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He doesn’t care about future of the game only that he has access now…. Lmao
Which is exactly the perspective that has allowed this crap to continue!
We understand what your saying we just don’t agree lol

No worries I also read that you said it was easy to do and you will finally catch up to the big guys.

My opinion is that exotic gear will increase the gap and not bridge it.

They are now further behind lol

Actually I’ve had access for about a year and a half but this is the first time I can actually have the gear end game players can have… that’s what I’m saying

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You will be alone moving forward……
So enjoy the brief relevance!