Atlas Gold Payouts - Invader Bases - Mines & Beasts

The title pretty much explains what this is going to be focusing on.

There has been a very insufficient amount of gold dropping from gold mines. If I’m not mistaken, the daily multiplier ends somewhere between 700K-1M gold. This is not even nearly enough to suffice for all of the troops that higher-level players build. The quantity of gold needs to be increased. The maximum capacity of gold, for players that have achieved level 442 (according to Morreion’s website), is currently 31.6 million. That’s over 30x the quantity gained from the mines and beasts per day. And it looks like it starts getting further and further away from the quantity given from invader bases around the mid-200s. Because of this, most players, including myself, have to resort to doing normal attacks to steal gold from other players because the process of grinding gold just takes so long, and stealing it from other players is more effective due to the relatively low amount of gold that comes from Atlas mines and beasts. I can already foresee all that may be said in response to this, so allow me to address them:

  • That’s what Gold Packs are for! Get some more gold packs, and you’ll be okay!
    Yes, I know there are gold packs for that, but after a while, players run out of these… because as stated above, the storage capacity for gold is tremendous. Gold packs won’t do any good unless you have a lot of them, and they won’t last very long either.

  • You wouldn’t have problems with gold if you’d do your rider missions.
    Some players don’t have many diamonds to speed up the process. Even if they didn’t have to speed up the process, some players prefer only to do rider missions for extra tokens, myself included.

Gold is one of the main resources in Atlas, and the main necessity for Troop Training events, so it would only make sense that we get enough to consistently train and revive troops. I go through about 10-25M gold within the first few hours of Troop Training. Most of that gold is made up for in diamonds because I fail to get enough between those events. This needs to be worked on, and I know several others in the main game that have agreed.

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The only time I don’t think there’s enough gold is during primarch training. You can get most of the rewards in troop training just by healing 5 or 6 times a day but yea if you want to max the event you’ll need to spend a bit of diamonds.

During primarch training I think it’s only bad if you don’t have a castle? Idk don’t have a castle and don’t know how everyone goes about this event with castles, but I think that’s also the price I pay to be a pirate. Thats one of the good things that comes with having castles and it’s perfectly fair that it’s harder for pirates to get/hold onto large quantities of gold.

Personally I’m lvling my sieger up right now, s1 lvl 17 and the way I go about it is hit randoms until about 3-4 mil gold then hit invaders up to 7-8 mil then use packs for the rest.


Definitely mistake.
I believe it’s enough for 2 batch (over 1.5M) depends on which beast we’re hunting.

On another note, there

As Gold is one of stealable / sharable rss, there’s nothing wrong taking it from other player (by asking or raiding)


What gold mines? :eyes:


Wrong, over 2m on first beast hit.

:roll_eyes: Nah, I assumed no AE, since TC gave such average…
Definitely T5 with huge bonus + AE give more.

p.s. Share some then :smirk:

I dont think gold is an issue, the issue of the game are timers or economy in generell.

Depends who you ask


Gold isn’t an issue if you have atlas elite. If you’re asking for the base to be increased you’re also essentially asking for the value of atlas elite to be reduced.

I view atlas elite as essential to play the game and have fun and I’m happy to pay £20 a month to play the game. I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect to get full value without spending a bit or grinding a lot.

Gold is no problem for a) elite players and b) team players with many castles. So diamond and sapphires1 have had enough. Small (weak) team no high castles, few castles =little gold. As in the life of the rich - becomes richer - the poor remains poor. He says smart now you just have to change.

i’ve played atlas with and without elite and with huge tax deductions at times it sucks that’s true would it be nice to come in and auto some beast bases and do all my troop/prim levelling ? absolutely. However this will never happen for one reason and it’s one even pg forgets based on how they design these events This is a pvp focused game so yes you’ll have to hit a real base eventually for some reason or another, besides nowadays other then it taking 1-2 mins out of your day hitting bases is pretty easy most people don’t even defend regular attacks anymore and when they do they do so lazily to save defensive buffs for important fights.

I get 1.6 mil gold on my first hit with elite and the castles my team has,
I don’t think gold is an issue, and uh… I don’t think we still have mines around.


If you are an elite player. I feel that’s important to mention here. If it’s rough for elite players to get that much, those without it take significantly longer. I think it takes me, assuming max gold per run and no reduction in multis (impossible yes but easy maths) like 20 runs to get 6m gold at just shy of 300k per run. That isn’t even enough to level a single primarch.

While elite players should be rewarded. The state of f2p gold runs really should be addressed. And we really should NOT be using elite as a basis


Steal from the rich :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I get it though for lower teams with lower payouts and no elite it’s rough but I see it as possibly getting more chests the more hits

The issue is the size of a teams bank… teams with 20 castles will never have gold issues because they can save every scrap they get. Sure it’s a perk of owning castles, but it’s a sever pain point for most teams.

Yes castle must have bonuses, but for teams with low number of castles the game is very grindy on the players and the officers. Bonuses should be helpful and rewarding but I don’t necessarily think they should be quality of life improvements… i.e. offering the option to reduce stress on officers by having the option for more bankers… or that they should offer the ability for players to make more out of Atlas elite by allowing players to store more.

Bonuses should be driven by need… i.e. troop bonuses for owning more castles makes sense since there is more to defend, but so then would bonuses for owning entry castles where every tom, dick and harry can hit you.

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Idea, just make access castles more valuable to own.
50% more egg tokens from them. How bad can it end up?

I personally don’t think progression and main game rrs belongs in Atlas.

Now if you wanted to double the troop rate and have them offer double/triple the shard bonuses…

That’s a no.
Just devalues having castles and devalues trying to do a lot in Atlas.
Maybe endgame players will live for a tier, but that is a bad idea plain and simple.

Why? Progression for main game in main game and progression for Atlas in Atlas. I’m not saying take from one and not improve the other, just put the items where they belong.

There needs to be a purpose to Atlas, we have the main game for egg tokens and timers, we have Atlas for gear. If gear isn’t enough incentive I’d say they need to give Atlas more purpose not muddy the waters and balance by having resources cross platforms.


If that were the case I could guarantee I wouldn’t be caring about atlas anymore. And since it’s the most fun part of the game, I probably wouldn’t play at all after that. Not sure how many people would be in the same position as me regarding that. And no, gear is not enough of an incentive. It’s extremely easy to get 5 full sets of elite gear, and a lot of players have several sets of mythic gear in addition. Personally there’s no way I’d push for an extra 10% gear when it takes as much effort and frustration as it currently does.

As far as the OP goes, I’ve always thought a 5x gold generation is too high. 2-3x max would be much better in my opinion to not cripple non-paying players (which is one of the things that make this game attractive). Instead of dropping the elite benefits which would cause a riot, why not boost normal gold drops. This would allow players to be less stingy about their gold, making it more common to steal which makes the game more enjoyable.

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