Atlas Gold raids

Hi everyone. Can someone explain why teams with access to Atlas are able to raid gold from non Atlas players?.?.?

Gold doesn’t have protection. it will get stolen and circulate until someone who does have access to Atlas gets to use it.

Hey. I understand the raiding process but I can’t raid their gold???
How does that work out to be fair???

Why do you care about gold if you aren’t in Atlas currently? Just curious, it does you zero good in the rest of the game and is an Atlas currency only.

The only way a player is able to raid gold from non-atlas players is if they have been transferred gold, or have previously had atlas. Their gold supply will drop to 0 sooner or later and won’t end up being a problem.

I have the opportunity to go to sapphire so was going to use it there of course…

You can’t save millions of food and say “I was going to use it later” same concept

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you will steal their gold, but you can’t keep them forever as whenever you are attacked by someone, some of the gold will get stolen and then that player will get attacked by another player until someone who has Atlas will use that gold.

So only players with access to atlas can raid for gold and that’s all cool??

Yeah basically correct there.

Once you get Atlas access you can steal anybodies gold since you can use it.

You have absolutely zero use for it currently so what does this matter?

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Wow. So people can’t be prepared??? Thanks for insight

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