Atlas has become really lame.... Downtime now? Really?

After waiting 5 days for the event to finish to resume Atlas attacks… the day it comes back it goes down? What the hell? Why can’t they upgrade atlas when everything is already bubbled for the event?

Really lame. This game is getting worse and worse.

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if you remember it use to be this way and they always removed atlas from everyone every other 2 weeks or so

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at least it was somehow “stable” back then lol


They’re updating servers and took Atlas down to reduce the likelihood of there being issues.
There are updates being pushed out on multiple platforms, and each platform handles them differently. It’s a time consuming process, and even the slightest error can throw everything off. They’re being cautious to avoid problems.

At least attempt to gain an understanding of why things happen before whining about them.


I’m not to sure what the big deal is. They sent out a in game mail before it happened, as well as bubbles normally come up on Tuesday’s. As long as they fix there game I’m fine with them taking as long as needed to be completely honest.


I get that updates have to happen but why the hell is it always when we are trying to battle it out with other teams? Why not update their servers when everything is already bubbled during pvp event anyways?

If they did it during pvp there would be a version mismatch and people wouldn’t be able to defend. That would bring out a lot of fussing on the forums.



And even now, there is a lot of fussing… over almost everything.

At the end of the day, no one can ever please anyone in the world.


It is fine however long they take to make sure it is properly parched/maintained.
However, they should extend atlas elite by however long Atlas downtime lasts. If it is a few hours I dont care as much, but if it is a few days, I definitely do care.

they usually do but do not have to!

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I’m fine with maintenance downtime tbh…just sucks that sometimes I’m more motivated to atlas than others…and this happens to be one of those times :see_no_evil::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::rofl::rofl:


im enjoying the relaxation just sucks at the troop builds we missing on but its w.e lol

I queue 24k before it kicked me out :grinning:

? cant make out this one tin

Do we still get points for Atlas event when upgrading rider gear while it is down?


usually yes it still counts! you just cant claim prizes until it comes back up! only one it screws up and that is troop training which its why im glad they do stuff on tuesdays!

@Doomseer told ya

@PGGalileo why when i go to build troops im at 31 hats after getting atlas back? hats regain seem to have lag

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Yep, having the same issue. Stuck at 5 hats after being unable to train troops for several hours.

yea hats are very laggy it will go up but very much laggy i still dont get why it was low to began with