Atlas has become something that i don't think it was intended to be

I’m not going to mention specific teams in this.
Atlas has turned into a 24hr a day bully event.
There are teams with say, 30 endgame players .
these teams will either leave 20 empty spots or sprinkle in a few baby accounts .
They might own 25 T-4 & T-5 castles .
They do this to drop their ranking.
they have big alliances to protect themselves.
they don’t care about the regular game.
In fact a lot of these teams prefer stay in lower leagues to dominate events.
Their goal is to drop their rankings so they can farm smaller teams for glory.
These bottom feeder teams will find small teams to farm and will relentlessly attack their guards.
If you drop and fight they will just keep reloading and coming back until you give up and bubble or will kill all of your guards.
They don’t want your T-2 castle ( they have plenty of 4s & 5s )
these teams will attack you around the clock until they get what they want, they will not stop at one castle, they will do that to every castle you have.

I don’t mind big raids, even if they are bottom feeders teams.
it is a war game, let’s war.
you win some, you lose some.
But farming teams that can’t retaliate is just bullying, plain and simple.
Like i stated, they do not want to take your T-2 or even T-3, they just want to farm your team.
When they’ve eaten all of you guards and killed most of your troops, they just move on to the next victim.

PG should do something about this.
This is not a real suggestion, it’s just opening up a dialogue on how to make it harder for these bottom feeders to decimate smaller teams.

Limit the number of times a single team can hit you during a open Atlas week.
something like when you raid a castle, it counts as one hit, but as each player reloads comes back, that counts as one hit in other words, 20 players land on a castle around the same time, loaded for battle , that counts as one attack, but each player that reloads and comes back counts as one attack.
limit the number of attacks that team can do to the team they are hitting to 20 attacks per weekThey can still wipe out the smaller team if they choose.
They just can’t snipe them around the clock.

Perhaps add on that their 5-ta is included in the 20 attacks.

Something along those lines.
i know a lot of mid level to end game players that are just getting tired of the 24hr a day farming.
They are just giving up and finding a new game i really like this game and really like Atlas.
but enough with the bullying.
nothing is going to make Atlas a fair and level playing field, but there is definitely a way to help keep Atlas a war game of conquering castles and defending them against teams that want to take them.
i think that is the way Atlas was designed.
i don’t think it was designed for it teams to exploit the game just so they can grow.
Small teams that own small castles are trying to play a war game, they don’t want to be glory farms for bottom feeders.


This is one of if not the most requested things for this game. (Balancing Atlas and competitive gameplay) The fact that it is still talked about says a lot.



If you actually did anything in atlas, you would realise how ridiculous your suggestion is.


The core issue that I took from your description of what is going on isn’t the fact they they can attack 24/7, but that attacking you is worth their while.

The real issue is how APR is calculated, a team of 20 700s (or more correctly wrath flyers in the way APR is calculated) and no other players will have a rank at which they can get 100% glory from almost every team team with 50 players’ guards.

The root of your issues is the way APR is calculated.


No, PG has told us it is that runes/gear lacked personality.


They did. They made castles have guards to gain bonuses so these teams can be farmed. Shows you where their loyalties lie.


i put 320k troops in hospital yesterday

does that sound like i’m doing something in Atlas.
or are those numbers too big you to comprehend?

if 20 players load 60k troops, and you come back and do that 20 times.
that’s more than enough to conquer a castle.
The problem is that bottom feeders will hit you every 5 minutes, 2 and 3 at a time for 10 hours straight, take a 1 hour break and keep coming.
We’ve been hit by bottom feeders for 5 straight days now.
They use maxed Wrath dragons, if you bubble, they sit on you castle until you cooldown, and kill all of your guards.
And there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.
They don’t let Diamond teams war gold teams, why let diamond teams steal all of the resources that a Sapphire or Platinum team works their asses off to get.
These teams are bullies and cowards. they don’t want a challenge.
i’ve spent 5 days watching lvl 650s killing lvl 500s.
This is ridiculous.


Just getting your troops killed doesn’t count as doing anything :man_shrugging:

If you had ever attacked enemy teams and spent weeks trying to conquer a castle, you would realise that 20 attacks a week was a farcical suggestion.

Looking at who has been sniping you today, it’s fair to say that those teams don’t stop. But there are certainly ways you can make yourselves a less easy target. If you were a small independent platinum team, with no alliance to help you, then I might have sympathy for you. But you aren’t. Maybe just learn to defend better?

(and yes, the glory calculation can be abused, but I wouldn’t lose any sleep waiting for PG to fix it)


lmao i attack the same team 20 times in 25 minutes, agreed.


People need to realise guards are free right? Just let them be eaten. :man_shrugging: better those than your actual troops! :joy: some people don’t think…


You do realize that with no guards you will lose your castle?

I guess war dragons has just turned into groups of teams that don’t want to challenge themselves.
they only hit teams that they know can’t hit back or defend

Perhaps PG should just do away with leagues.

looking at these responses, it’s clear that WD has become groups of teams that only want to hit teams that can’t defend their attacks and can’t successfully attack them.

I’m suppose if we want to survive, we should start looking for little teams with one or two castles and wipe them out we need to make sure that we only attack players over 100 levels below us and make sure that they are way too small to attack us.

I thank you all for the advice, i’m going in game now to look for small teams to bully :+1:t3:

Be careful.
you need to make sure they are too small to challenge you.
You don’t want to accidentally hit a team that is capable of defending you, or even worse, actually attacking you back. :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

While this is very true. I don’t particularly enjoy running around the map hitting guards, it is however the new intended game play as set up by PG imo.

Pretty much. Pick a team ranked about 50-100 below you and hit them

Agreed, over the years I’ve been on several teams which have been bullied by various teams in atlas for seemingly no reason, and it makes the game way too stressful having to constantly defend attacks. Personally, I’d like to see an edit to the glory algorithm because I currently have players hitting my base 100 levels higher than me (3-4 egg tiers) and them still getting 100% glory. That would definitely fix part of the problem all across the board, as adjusting the formula to lower the level gap for 100% glory would reduce incentive for higher levels to farm lower levels. If it’s about castle conquering/teams just pushing their weight around, it can be trickier. I like your idea of setting limits on attacks per week. That would give teams a chance to recover. I think a lot of players get frustrated with the level gaps. Getting wiped daily by high levels and being able to do nothing takes the fun out of the game. Some of us have spent 4-7 years building our accounts and yeah, end game players being able to constantly attack low-mid game players just makes them want to quit.


i totally agree.
being a glory farm for big teams pretty much dictates what you do in ATLAS.
You can’t do much offense if you are constantly fighting off end game players.
And the guy that said that " guards are free, let them hit guards " first of all guards are far from free, you need team glory to buy them, team glory requires troops and troops require time and effort to build.
And if all of your castles are low on guards, there are teams out there that will take and sell your castles.
being a glory farm is not fun. but there’s nothing you can do about it.
other than get to endgame as fast as you can, but when you get bigger, the end gamers get bigger :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Yup. Have been hit all day by a player that is hitting 100+ levels below them. A plat team fill with 600+ players yet somehow ranked in the 400’s in atlas. I really enjoy this game but that is fading by the day. I despise atlas. It rewards laziness. It’s rewards what some would call bullying. There is little that could be called fun anymore.


I agree in principle with the fundamental issue stated by the OP. There is no mechanism in the game to deal with sociopathic behaviour. This game gives an outlet for players with vindictive, mean, arrogant, and and egotistical personalities. This is where one player can have a single load of gold stolen, for example, and then farm the ‘offending’ team in atlas for days as a ‘retaliation’.

The game encourages retaliation in the normal game ‘dont let others get away with hitting you’ but there is no balance mechanism that draws the line between retaliation, and bullying.

I agree that the APR calculation needs revision, but I also agree with some sort of daily or weekly cap. The behaviour that is bullying is excessive repeated attacks where there is no clear attempt or intent to conquer the castle. The intent is only to kill troops of one particular team and ‘make them pay’.

In some other games a cooldown mechanism is used.
Your first reload is immediate, your second takes 3 seconds more, your third, 6 seconds etc. This might be able to be applied to moving to a given teams castles (so that the player cannot just bounce around to several castles of the same team). It would apply to the help as well, so that in a true conquer battle the balance is maintained.
Conquer battles would then become about waves, and efficiency, and the ‘war’ aspect maintained. But lone wolf bully’s would gradually be forced to look for other targets.

A true cap would also be possible. In a regular war we have a maximum 7 hits within that 24 hours battle. What is to say that atlas can’t have a cap too in respect of hitting one team? Could the war hit counting code be applied to atlas hits with a reset every war restart?

My suggestions are only that, a suggestion. But there must be some mechanism to protect players from deliberate abusive behaviour. We all want to play the game with a balance between attacking and defending. Being pinned in defence endlessly is soul destroying.