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Should I focus on atlas if so what are the benefits

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IMO, I think you should. Atlas (once you get the hand of it) can give extra timers and egg tokens which help in the long run.


Also atlas is where you can get shards to craft and level proper gear, which is pretty essential.


If you’re looking for a good team to learn atlas at feel free the send me mail my game name is same on forums

Atlas is worth it 100%. It’s a lot to learn at once, but having a good team that can help and explain things better than the game tutorials works wonders. @Shivenzo and @FieryxFury make great videos on it. If you need some 2 minute videos I can make those if you tell me what exactly you need. Hope everything works out.


I have yet to make Atlas videos BUT they’re on my to do listtttt, so a list of things for what to prioritise would be good!

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Apparently I’m psychic.


Here’s my atlas playlist :slight_smile: there’s a few different “overview” and basic intro videos like what to do in first week, or first months, how to move and how to allocate troops, etc.

I don’t have videos on the in depth nitty gritty of all the complicated stuff unfortunately, but even the basic stuff can feel overwhelming and deter you, that’s what these videos are for, to ease the transition and help you play smarter.
Some of the top ones regarding its value, in my opinion are:


You did not just say “Even if I don’t have bull horns.” YOU HAVE 1K! How could you not have them :sob:

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