Atlas – Hold on to your hat Dorothy


In that instance it would be correct because ‘arch’ is the prefix. When at the end of a word, the precedence would indicate otherwise


Se um dia sentir um vazio dentro de si, não preocupe. É fome.

And for those who don’t speak Portuguese and/or are too lazy to open another tab for Google translate…

“If one day you should feel an emptiness inside you, don’t worry. It’s hunger.


Hey Folks,
How does Atlas influence your progress in the „normal“ game, e.g. resources gear and stuff.
Afaik: you get gear for your dragons which can be used for your „normal“ base perch and your dragons, which can be used in the „normal“ game (events, wars, etc) too, right?
How about bronze / gold chests, tokens, timers, sigils etc?


For a level 140-160 dude. Should I go for a Sieger or a Rusher?


I suggest a Destroyer as your first prim and a Rusher as your second prim.

This should also be helpful for deciding:


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Please can you help


What could @MikeH8sDisGame help you with?


What am I doing?


Helping a vague individual? :man_shrugging:t3:


This is how I imagine her being, without the plot explained: