Atlas – Hold on to your hat Dorothy


no. Barracks are unlimited
only the Primarchs have caps.

Edit: I’m too slow again *shakes fist at @MareZ


If the attacker lost connection in the middle of the fight, I get nothing. Is it a glitch? I have several defending match and getting nothing.


So as much as I would love it for our top teammates to have over a billion defence power, the reality is our top 3 have 60, 55 and 45 million, unboosted. Given these are our top bases, should they be getting taunters, or trappers? Our top flyers have similar, though somewhat better, attack numbers. Should they get siegers or destroyers?


I’d still get taunters. The difference is when a team equal to you guys hits you, that they can’t just pick on your weakest players. It also amasses more troops to buy you time in a siege.

I have over 3b defense and there are still players who can march through my base with 3 defenders.

The key is to avoid taking something out of your weight class. (Level 2 land only and try not to be in the way of a bigger team).

You also might want to make some friends. Even ants put up a good fight if they have the numbers. Most battles are about making the attacker wabtnto give up or feel it’s not worth it. Even shooting fish in a barrel gets tiring after enough hours in a row.


Yes numbers are key here. Have lots of troops, max out all your rushers and taunters, have lots of castle guards, and you’ll more likely than not be safe - because there’ll always be another target weaker than you.

With so many level 2 lands in the expansion, it is very easy to make yourself an undesirable target.


Yeah I don’t think it’s quite understood but the new teams double the population of atlas.

Platinum 4 is probably pretty close to half of the new teams added. Unlike previous expansions, there will be plenty of folks in the same boat as you, and you will be statistically unlikely to be the unfortunate team that bigger teams decide they want what you have.

Don’t get me wrong. You may find the new platinum 1 teams are more than scary enough. But to do the equivalent of what we are all currently doing, 50m could easily be good enough. But a team good in main game is it not necessarily as good in atlas. (There are some sapphire teams that gave diamond teams a run for their money)

But yes back to the original point. Amass as many troops as you can. This is at least 70% of how you win.


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