Atlas – Hold on to your hat Dorothy


Thanks @Gox1201, very much appreciate your work in putting this together, and look forward to rereading again and again as more gets added and my team gets closer to having Atlas.


:face_with_hand_over_mouth:fixed thanks


Was about to say the same too. Scrolled thru that session three times to find out the abandoned siegers :grin:


Following to read later :popcorn:


So Atlas is live for the Diamond teams, if you have questions or things you need added to the post, ask and I’ll try respond as fast as I can manage


Updated more sections


This is hugely helpful, and a lot of work. Thank you! Atlas was only a concept until I saw this post; the visuals and explanations really make it “real” lol. Thanks. Bookmarked.


Really thanks you for taking the time to putting this together


This is the kind of information needed in the tutorial. The current tutorial is completely useless. By useless, i mean it provided players absolutely no information to help them in Atlas whatsoever.


Is there anything else that is still unclear? I cannot see your tutorial (the one I went through a few months ago was very basic).


@Pixxel When is Atlas coming out? And what leugues are getting Atlas?


Atlas was already rolled out for D1 and D2 teams couple days ago. For the rest of the teams in other leagues, we have to wait for the ETA from PG.


ok thanks Dakhunter and Gox


on the site, in the atlas section, they talk about expansion each week… i think and i hope next rollout will be next week…


Each week is highly unlikely. On the Atlas Lauch Party stream they said they are aiming for getting Sappire 1 in a few weeks later but they will have to see if they run into any problems with bringing in the new D1 and D2 teams before they can give a clear ETA.


Awesome thread! Thank you. I have played only old version of beta and there’s a lot of new things and changes in Atlas. This is very helpful! I do have 1 questions. Are there any other ways then opening decks of cards to get the Dragon Rider Shards? I know you mentioned bazars and packs but I can’t seem to locate any that has them.

Thank you


They are mostly found (number wise) as team rewards from events in beta.

Usually after a pvp event. They are found in personal rewards during same events, but much less (maybe 1 per tier).

Bazaar is luck of the draw - check daily. They range from 3-10 (latter being a 5-star pull)


Thank you @Gox1201



is there a spreadsheet or can you point us to where the troop capacity for different types and levels are primarchs are for how many troops they can hold?

This would be helpful info for the noobs as well


Sorry not a complete one yet