Atlas – Hold on to your hat Dorothy


It tells you the base stats when you a summoning the primes. TBH though, chances are you wont have enough troops to fill your primes for some time. If you have too many troops for your primes to carry, go attack something so you can get Prime and rider EXP. Once you get into the second tier of primes you will have lots of room for your troops. Plus you need to leave some of your troops on your islands to help defend it.

Side note to new players: don’t waste time with your fighter prime. as soon as he reaches level 5, kill it and summon one or two of the better primes.


Updated “Riders” post to show requirements for each level up (Glory points, rider stones, as well as skill points awarded)


@Gox1201 Fantastic work, you are my Atlas MVP!
I am still confused about battles though…
Can you share a few examples describing primarchs involved and picture of the outcome?
Thank you!


Some scenarios? E.g.

Sieger attacks Taunter - 5 flames - soldiers lost on either side
Sieger attacks Rusher - 5 flames - soldiers lost on either side


yes! with the results in G points and troops count.


What does this pink thing mean?

Purple fog over atlas islands

Fortress is shielded. After a certain amount of troops are killed (check Fort tab), a 24 hour shield goes up. No more primarchs can be attacked there. But the blocker goes down too.



Can you explain how i get the G points for the riders please ty


The G-points are gained in the following way (for riders):

You are the attacker, you attack their primarch, with your primarch
You use the dragon you bonded your rider to, to do the attack
Try 5 flame with just that dragon to maximize the G point gain

Defense riders, get G points as well, if you bind the defense rider to a dragon, and put that dragon on a perch. Whenever a primarch attacks your primarch in atlas, the defense rider will gain G points.


Followers with bonded riders (used to?) also get G points for their riders, though some teammates swear this was changed in a recent patch. Haven’t had the opportunity to test it myself.


I think this shield is up becasue of event though… not because the team put up their shield due to troop loss.

During PVP events, all islands get shields as a way to help teams protect their islands during such events. In short, Atlas is basically shut down while PVP events go on.


Follower with bonded rider won’t get gp anymore. Tested several times and got zero gp


I think I made an error above, meant rider XP, not glory for prims. Apologies for any confusion.


When I winged a teammate pre 3.70 it was already changed so my rider didn’t get any XP. I assume they tied Rider XP to the Primarch G points and that both only work if you’re the main attacker with your own troops (just that Rider XP can probably be split if you attack with two dragons that both have riders on them).
I assume it’s still like this post 3.70 .


This is amazing and so helpful!!! Thank you for posting!!


My god! Just looking at that map makes me physically ill (Probably only effects a few players that way, but due to the overcrowded nature of the colors and minute details - personal vision problem). After that it cleans up a bit and doesn’t look as daunting, but there’s still much to take in and the biggest question yet remains?
If I do not pay to play, and stay in the safe zones, what are my ‘real’ odds of getting anywhere in the atlas game? If it remains a kindergarten sandbox game without spending real cash, it does me no good.
I know I am not alone in this. What’s wrong with having the same ability to enjoy an enriched game play as a big spender without risking ‘everything’ (in game assets) to unscrupulous money players?


Laird, why so much negativity? Atlas is an add on with strategic elements that brings you in the end more prizes for the main game.
If you are ftp, you will grow slower and get less rewards, that’s all!
When encountering big spenders learn from them! They grow fast, play more, and may teach everyone something by having more opportunities to learn.
And it doesn’t have to be 8 or 80, there are tons of moderate spenders and very active players enjoying the game without complaining that much :grin:.

With love,


Lol. You honestly think it’s just an add on?


Dear Purple, my opinion is that what differs players everywhere is their best dragon. So main game is breeding, and collecting egg tokens for it.