Atlas – Hold on to your hat Dorothy


Gangster, it comes from years of playing other games, all of differing genres with the same results. High-paying pvp-ers who prey on the low-pay and free-play because they are stronger but can’t bear to risk their own against equal level players.
The devs don’t care so much because the high-payers fund their game. Yes, lots of low-payers do so as well, but the biggest changes and fastest fixes come to the high-end parts of the game before the low-end.
I’m not saying that’s improper, I’m just stating business protocol. The issue for gamers is that the high-pay players include the bullies that didnt get enough chocolate for Easter so they prey on the weak.
In many, many games, played over decades, I have found a pattern of ill treatment and unfair play to be much greater amongst the premium content players used against the standard players.
Hence my hesitation, negativity, as you call it.
I happily play with much positive energy quite often, but this “add-on” has a lot of negativity surrounding it already, read other posts, and I am just adding my concerns in hopes the devs will consider the “little” guys for a change.


Just to confirm: backers do not currently earn Glory because the death of Troops is what determines whether or not Glory is generated. Deaths = Glory (sorry if this is kind of “dark”).

Rider Glory and Primarch Glory are actually one-in-the-same. Previously, the icon with “XP” inside a star icon was contextually inaccurate, so it is now a “G” on a medal to better signify that it is Glory.

@LairdDuncan I’m sorry that you feel this way about Atlas! If all you read are negative reviews, then it’s natural to see something in a negative light. However, I do see that you’re still below level 40 and do not have Atlas access quite yet, so I invite you and your team to experience the feature for yourselves (once we’ve rolled it out to more of the population) and make a judgement call at that point. By that time, I’m positive that there will be a ton of improvements to Atlas, so you’ll be able to experience the best version of it possible. If you’re still not impressed, let us know why. Atlas, from its beginnings, has been a project that has been made with War Dragons players for War Dragons players.


You don’t have to worry about Atlas at all. As the leader of a Bronze team, you won’t see Atlas. At the final stage of it’s rolllout Platinum will get it. Gold and below will not. Your problem is solved.


Hey Gox,

Any way you could do something on establishing a castle/building it up? AKA once a team takes over a castle/plot of land what are the first buildings to build, what are important, what each different castle upgrade gives, if you should level up 1 castle at a time to max before moving onto the second or if you should level them evenly.

Something like that might give us new to Atlas players a better idea on what the take over/move in process is like and if we are on the right track or not.


We are in the process of doing it now mech


Will try do asap, in the meantime

Priority: Hq-fort-hq-fort etc until capped for island level, in between you might need a bank upgrade in order to allow you to have enough gold.

Each time you upgrade the HQ, you gain an additional slot.
Fort is the most important building - it allows (1) you to grant passage, and (2) gives your troops and primes an attack and defense boost while fighting at the island.


Is that something only an officer can do? If I claim an island I see that it tells me to ask my team leader to designate an administrator or something.
Also, how long does it take to build the HQ and fort? We have not tried a coordinated attack yet, but it seems like we are attacked within 10 minutes of conquering the island. I don’t want to start building a HQ and lose it completely if we lose the island before it is done…


Yes only officers/leader can do upgrades plus whoever they assigned as governor of the castle or overseer of that particular building. The first level of upgrades are 7 days and can be sped up by anyone using clocks or rubies. When using clocks you don’t have to finish the whole upgrade so you could split the load and have say 14 people use 1 12hr clock each. There is a feature that lets you recover some of your efforts into infrastructure upgrades in the event that your castle is taken over but I haven’t seen it in action so I don’t know the specifics


Nice work i like it, it is very well done. I just wanted to add a bit on the tower side of crafting for gear that majority of the players i see have no idea even exists. It seems they only see a puddle when it actually is much deeper. I put together a little somethin to help give us newbies and even vets of Atlas a better understanding of how powerful a defense can really become. Please feel free to correct anything i may have wrong or if just add any input/ thoughts/ opinions as they are always considered…war dragons has definitely evolved.

                  Rider Armor & Crafting

~The following is a brief summary of Rider Armor and what to look for when deciding the best available approach on crafting gear to fit any preference or style of fighting for both Dragons and Towers. 《 % increase applied 1st and to base stats on both 》

• DRAGON ARMOR(GEAR)- This armor is rather simple and self explanatory, it is only possible to craft gear that will either buff the Attack or HP stat of any dragon to use when attacking.
☆ Dragon Armor is labeled with a symbol of a dragon for easy recognition.
☆Possibility of new armor that will enhance spells like a rune or glyph.

• TOWER ARMOR- This armor is only slightly more complicated with each element (Wind, Earth, Dark, Fire, & Ice) having its own individual set of gear for all towers in total with the exception of the Fire Flak.
☆ Dragon Riders can equip armor for any element but need to keep in mind which class of dragon you want with that element so that you can use the special class ability that each provide to better strengthen a players own particular strategy.
☆ You can have 2 dragons of the same element perched on your base but be warned that ANY buffs which apply to the same tower will NOT stack with one another, only the piece with equal or greater % is applied while the other is cancelled out.
☆Tower buff from rider gear is applied to ALL spots on the base and not just those near perch.
☆All armor for tower attack is applied to both primary and special attacking stats.

•RARITY(Common, Rare, Epic, & Legendary)- The amount of scrolls required to attempt crafting a max lvl 1 piece is 500 scrolls minimum per attempt and could potentially result in a Common drop of that particular gear but the reward can be quite substantial and equally difficult to resist…just keep in mind 500 scrolls is 10 attempts at low gear with all armor able to be enhanced from lvl 1-10.
☆Gear currently costs 50, 100, 300, and 500 scrolls per attempt with each being random chance at rarity…any piece has the chance to be any rarity, it is the % of each rarity that increases with scroll cost per attempt.
-The 4th Kind.


One small hint:
I suggest calling the armor something like “Rider‘s Dragon Armor” because “Dragon Armor” would be the armor a dragon is wearig (which already exists and might see a comeback in the future).

Not trying to be picky, just trying to prevent confusion :wink:

Great points in your small guide :slight_smile:


Point taken lol i just always felt the prior dragon “armor” was more like playing dragon dress-up. I even remember saying how they should make the dress up items boost stats back last fall/winter lol. Ill stick with Rider Armor for now and keep it Dragon Gear/ Tower Gear :slight_smile:


Haha well I really liked some of the badass looking heavy plated armor pieces you could drop.
I didn’t really like the dress up items like antlers and mohawks but I guess some people enjoyed them.
But I think it would be awesome if we could craft armor for dragons that incrase stats or boost abilities.
PG basically already coded half of it (the armors) and just need to integrate them into the crafting forge :slight_smile:

Atlas Rolling out?

I’m sure I missed it but… is this going to be the main game or can we still stick with the actual war dragons game if we don’t want to play atlas…


I could find a link on the old forums but considering that Atlas is only being released to Platinum and above, the core game will still exist.


Atlas is just an additional option. But you will miss out lots of rewards for free players


If you are in a league that has Atlas, I would suspect you would be at a significant disadvantage if you ignored Atlas.


Thank y’all for the fast replies. :two_hearts:


Wasn’t below 40 for long.


Thanx a lot for the guide, very apprciated. If u have time could u pkease expand on the aspect of team paly vs indvisual play with in the atlas. Beside the pochers and mins. For example. Lets assume my team is hold upsomewhere, and i want wind shards, to i go galvanting to another teams terratiryand attack them, or set up base there. Or is invisual playmore like ohh i see this guy moving around and i just go attack thier primarch? Or am i only allowed to attack with my team against another team base. Any clearfication, on how indvisual play vs teamwould be very apprciated. Thank u again for all the effort and info.


I really hope you’ll do more!! :pray::pray::pray: