Atlas – Hold on to your hat Dorothy


Gox, you are amazing! Girl you ”broke” the ice for me and ive had atlas for a month (? Over or less?) being in d2… you pretty much set my mind straight on some things and convinced me that i was right about some things :joy::joy::joy: still learning the fine art of fighting… i wanna hit the g-spot just right to get some levels on my prim and rider, soooo if it isnt too much for me to ask you to do a detailed fightclub ! Like where and how to get rider xp and g-points EASILY and against whom and so on… :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: THAN YOU GOX!! You done did a great job for this community of ours!

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Hehe your welcome.

I’ll do my best to write something but fighting is still a bit tricky. They are about to rebalance it. Will put something up later


Updated fight scenarios a little bit, its a bit of a rehash of the “battle” section, but hopefully clarifies a bit of strategy and planning, instead of just purely how to fight

EDIT: following changes just went live


Maximum glory earnable per troop lost increased 277% (from 0.542 to 1.55)
Glory earned per own troop lost decreased from 0.148 to 0
Glory earned per enemy troop killed increased from 0.197 to 0.75
NOTE: Maximum glory is earned when you kill the enemy 2:1 or more (same as before). There’s no benefit for trying to pick on much weaker players in order to get bigger kill ratios like the 10:1 cap.
Progression prize materials and other item types increased ~13%
Timers in kill event progression prizes up ~67%
Minor Atlas event expected prize earnings increased ~56% (inclusive of the sub-bullets here)
Reduced progression point thresholds significantly (easier to achieve)
Reduced points per action in minor Atlas events (but significantly less than the point thresholds were adjusted)
Note: It probably seems weird that both point thresholds and points per action were modified. We could have achieved this with just one change … but currently we use the same point thresholds for all Atlas events, and the kill event point thresholds were modified (so we couldn’t just modify one).


Can’t be sober to fully understand though.
Will re read later :beers:.


GOX WILL YOU MARRY ME ? :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:
Thank you!


@Gox1201 what about atlas events? :heart_eyes:

And anyway to check them?


Events are a bit random and still chop and change.

Generally not much to say

Build troops kill troops
Level primes kill poachers
Level gear kill stuff


Always save up for gear and level events
Have fun during pvp events

Maybe if they diversify a bit I will write more.

I will say I despise pvp portals


Is there like a routing table where we can manage the waypoints when we send the primarch on a long journey?


Not yet, but this is promising:


Thanks! Just got atlas. Some of the missing features is driving me crazy.


I’m sure it would help Dave if you compile a list of the stuff you find confusing or frustrating and post them to the Atlas forum since you are bringing a fresh set of eyes to Atlas. For those of us who have been here a while, we’ve either learned to live with a lot of this stuff or figured out how to deal with it and don’t think to bring it up.


Well I’m new to atlas as well and I must say this guide says pretty much all lol. Then is try and error till learn :slight_smile:


Thanks for the great guide!
All I am waiting for is my Atlas access which we don’t have yet as a team in Sapphire 3.
Anyone got any idea when we will gain access? How far did the rollout get so far? Already in Sapphire at all?
Looking forward to Atlas!!!


Thank you so much! Why didn’t pg tell us all of this. My whole team scurried around like rats yesterday trying to figure this out. This is the information we all need to be able to play Atlas. I was in beta with a team I left 6 months ago, so I didn’t even get the tutorial.
I cant thank you enough.


Will update this weekend with new details for UI, pvp mechanisms and some info on Primarch levelling stats.


I just love you Gox :heart:


Does the glory earned per personal troop lost while attacking enemy also stack with the 0.75 earned from enemy troop killed? So that if you got max glory at 1.55 it would 1.55(X) + .75(Y)


No, there is no longer any glory for troops you lose.
The troops you lose acts as an upper cap for glory you can gain instead.

So assuming enemy attacks you. They lose 2000 you lose 100

The glory you will earn will be determined by the 2000, with a maximum cap being determined by
The ones you lost (maximum 1.5x what you lost)

So 150 in that scenario.

If the battle was more even, say 1000 each, then you would gain more glory, namely 750. The amount you lost would have capped your potential glory at 1500, but you didnt kill enough of attackers troops to effect that.


Just got atlas over the weekend and i must give a huge thank you for this guide! The new “tutorial” could just as well been left out for what help it gives. My entire team was stuck for days at the spot where the tutorial left us when it ended. Didnt even leave us in a safe zone. Left us in a no mans land that we had no paths to get out of. Finally, after a lot of msgs to pg and some trial and error, we figured out the only way to leave where we were was to reset our home to a new place and then get all our troops killed so that we could resummon our primark at our new home. Quite a hassle. Then, we still had a team full of players that have no idea what to do so theyre cruising around and randomly attacking people. Lol. I finally found this guide and trto pass on some of it bu it would be much easier to just get them all to come here and read it. They definitely need to rework the tutorial. Every other game ive played, after the tutorial was over, i had a basic idea of how to play most aspects of the game. This wasnt even close. So, thanks again for this. It will be a lifesaver as far as atlas is concerned.


Thank you so much for the time and effort in putting this together. Helping countless in smooth transition :+1:t3: