Atlas – Hold on to your hat Dorothy


I promised an update to this thread weekend past, but got owned in real life.

Will hopefully have a bit of time later this week, will try my best to update it.

Things that are in the works / almost done (sort of maybe I hope)

  1. Updated ui screenshots and explanation
  2. Atlas Primarch levelling table
  3. I have a large section update on how to (re) STARTUP in atlas,
  4. A bit about specific events, goals and how to get at it
  5. Bazaar overview and thoughts

I know its a bit late for number 3, but it sort of aims at this scenario

“Tutorial ends, you run to grab new land, and BOOM another team knocks your socks off. Now you are all stuck in Safezones… where to from here”

The guide aims to provide a blueprint on how to get up and running in the safezone, and a safe reliable roadmap to follow on to have your own land. I’ve been hesitant to put this out there, since I don’t want to prescribe how people play, nor do I want everyone to follow a recipe as it takes the thought process out, but it seems like this might be more useful, rather than not. So will try my best.

I strongly suggest folks read @xYellowMonkeYx 's atlas basics guide as well, its excellent as a “how to” replacement for the tutorial.


@Gox1201 big Thank You for the guide :pray:!! Still a ton to learn, experience first hand helps but so far I am enjoying Atlas very very much! Wanted to point out a few advantages that I haven’t seen mentioned yet. Hopefully they remain in place, time will tell.

  1. Xp - attacking invaders is a far better way imo to do your daily xp runs than say normal hits or even the 312 base. I say this because currently their towers cap at 40. Also there are no mages, no flaks, no fire or ice turrets to worry about and the invader (or gold mine) is your level. This means your smaller dragons can generally make it through alone or at least 70% for max xp. Huge plus
  2. The daily grind on the regular game play (especially at higher levels) can get… well boring at times. Atlas has added a whole extra slew of bonuses, tasks, and things to do to pass the time.
  3. Lastly… medals. For the medal lovers you now get rewarded more than just medals when grinding. You get gold! At an increased rate for the first roughly 22 attacks I believe. Where before you got food and lumber, neither of which you probably needed or wanted at the time.
    Overall - Fantastic addition to the game! My only two complains thus far…
    New update has made clicking a base or primarch semi difficult, it often brings up the zone info instead forcing me to zoom way in and be very precise. And I do not like that attacking people out of atlas grants gold. It’s already happened where someone hit me, was rewarded and simply farmed away all the gold I had saved up while I was offline.
    Apologize for the novel :roll_eyes:. Well done to all involved in the Atlas creation and thank you again for the guide:)


Good points. Also Invader gives a lot more xp than any normal xp base.

I agree on the zone info - I love that its there, but I’m clicking it too easily. Might need to make its access a bit different.

Gold thing - workaround is never log-off with gold —> team bank / team mate


Added a section to the post up top, that gives a basic guide for brand new teams to get their own territory. It is A way and not THE way. It is purely my opinion, but the concept is sound.


Today several of our teams got raped for GP. The islands only had approximately 30k troops on it between primarchs and garrison. The shields finally popped up once the primarchs all died/ran away. And the garrison had 4K left in it.

While we were attempting to battle the enemies, the fort would say something like “1.4k more until shield activates” but then if we brought thousands more troops in to fight and they all died, we would look and now it says “1.9k more until shield activates”. This kept happening so finally we said Fk it and took all the primarchs off the island and bam! Shield pops up. Made absolutely no sense at all.


Also, can you tell us if a rusher taken to an enemy island only can block 1 specialty primarch… so say I want to attack an enemy that has 3 taunters on his castle… will I need to bring 3 rushers or will 1 Block all of them.

Thank you :kissing_heart:


Last questions for the day :joy: I’m sorry took a break from atlas and really trying to make an effort to do this again…

  1. Back a few months ago it was made that of you owned a terriotey that paid say 10% bonus xp on the gold mine, that you could then go hit gold mines in the safe zone and they too would pay 10% bc your “castle Benefits” followed you.

—- did this end? Or are we glitched, bc if we go to safe zone to play instead in our territory it’s dropping to 2% again.

  1. going back to the shield thing… if the pvp purple shield activated due to us being attacked hard, does it fully disable the actual blocker we had in place with the garrisoned troops? Suddenly enemies are just flowing by us and going inland since we got our little purple bubble :thinking: maybe we didn’t push a button right, idk :woman_facepalming:t4:


Both of these were changed purposefully, infrastructure bonuses don’t apply in neutral and when shields go up, blockers are disabled.


RE troops to activate shield: this number regens over time. Troops on primarchs are supposed to count towards this but afaik it’s still bugged. Since primarchs must be killed before garrison, having troops on primarchs is actually inhibiting the shield trigger. Removing them yourself would mean any further attacks will be on garrison and count towards shield trigger

You will need three rushers since each can only trap one enemy primarch

RE shields and blockades: as Spooky said, blockades are disabled while shields are up. This is also why people can wander into your territory during major events… I would like for a blue ring to be displayed for own blockades and green for blockades where you have passage to prevent all the confusion over this


Thanks for this post, all this atlas sounds like a kill joy in general


“Never tasted it but I don’t like it!” - random 5 year old kid.


I’m not reading through 111 messages to find out when atlas is being released again anybody know when the next release will be?



Can anyone direct me ta a more extencive and detailed tutorial on Meta/strategy attacks in atlas, better if focused for those lower players ( 70-100 ) now being find in Atlas.
The guide mentioned solo attacks.
Perspective single player Meta attacks to level primarchs gaining GP.


I’ve updated some of the sections to reflect 3.9 changes, as well as UI changes etc.

The combat calculations have also been updated:

Rules (simplified)

  1. Potential glory gained is based on the amount of troops you kill (0.75* Troops killed)
  2. This gives you the potential glory available (eg if you kill 10 000 enemy troops 7500 glory is available)
  3. This is then tempered by the amount of troops you lost, in that it can never be higher than 1.5x the troop amount you lost,e.g. in the same above scenario, if you lost 5000 —> 7500 glory is awarded, if you lost 10 000 —> 7500 glory is awarded, if you only lost 1000 —> 1500 glory is awarded (the remaining 6000 potential glory is lost, because you picked on someone a lot weaker than you).
  4. All attacks have a MINIMUM revive percentage of 66.6%
  5. Cost of revive is roughly 20% of what a new troop is worth
  6. All 5 flame attacks will give MINIMUM revive, aka 66.6% for the attacker.

I’ll add more later


The following are just talking points that I think are relevant to the topic:

Any idea on revive queue size? Technically all revival is tempered by capacity of revival. I found one set of release notes that indicate revival is limited by player level, but does anyone have the various revival sizes and corresponding player levels? (I’m pretty sure when I first joined atlas my revival was ~11k, but my player level hasn’t changed that much)

Any idea what the MAX is? Is it 100%? Do we know what the criteria for max revival is? (Less than 10% killed?)


Queue size is dependent on level, I think i might have the formula somewhere , but its not very helpful. You can see your max revive on the troop training screen - if you cross that value everything thereafter is lost.

Mines around 92k at lvl 347

Regarding max revive its 99 percent, which when factoring in revive cost is 80%, and I’m pretty sure when opportunity cost is calculated you will find it lower.

I don’t know the revive calculations sorry


Linked the Table of Contents to their respective posts.


What does an atlas attack look like?


It has the same layout as you hit invader bases. And because of the geometry, towers act a little bit differently than in the core game