Atlas – Hold on to your hat Dorothy


The banners are also different, showing a map or unrolled scroll icon beneath the sword/shield that indicates an attack or defense.


Does anyone have the calculation for Rider Glory in Atlas? So If I have x amount of troops in an X primarch hitting an X primarch and 1 rider, I should get X amount of point! It would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I just got screwed on rider glory :thinking:



I will try to update this post to the new mechanics this weekend (interface changes etc)


@Gox1201 bro you going to update this anytime soon or you’re waiting for 4.1?


too many things changing, will wait for the big changes to roll through.

UNLESS the new teams are slated to be added before then, in which case I’ll update for them.


Thanks for this! Appreciate the time and effort you put into it. Really helps. :smiley:


You are most welcome; I’ll be updating it as soon as 4.15 rolls out, but a lot is changing so will wait till then


Ohhhh, I look forward to reading it then. I’ll probably have to read all your posts from the beginning :laughing: It’s been a while since I read them and Atlas is still far, far away for me :frowning:


Hi Gox, I am completely new at this Atlas business. When I first started War Dragons I remember seeing the map you showed. I had absolutely no idea what I was looking at. Since it showed me the map I take it I have access to Atlas? I have read that is the only way I can train my rider. When can I get access to Atlas again? Sorry to be a pain, but I started playing when Atlas was active the last time. Can you help me through this? The only league I know I am in is Silver.


Hi Faerun,

Yes you will only be able to gain Glory for your atlas riders, if you join a team with atlas again.

You can however train your NON-atlas riders (Kayla, Grogg, Tor & Oksana) without atlas, since they require their own unique items to level up, and not glory.


Idk why you still read them :rofl::rofl::rofl:
You will forget everything by the time we get atlas.
Still appreciate all the work Gox is doing. But I only read specific parts and honestly don’t see atlas coming to me for 3 more months at least . :crossed_fingers:


Thanks heaps for sending that will pass onto my team mate as we hopefully have atlas when it rolls out.


Thank you Gox. I have Kayla and Oksana.


Kayla is bonded to Kirin and Oksana is bonded to Volos.


Make sure you get all the rider shards in the rider branches… you won’t be able to level those ones up later in Atlas!


I didn’t have time to get more than one set for Oksana. Same with Kayla. Since I can’t evolve Kirin because I couldn’t get any stones, they will be perfect for each other.


That is very optimistic of you


I am in plat 2 now already🙈


I meant optimistic of Atlas being rolled out within 3 months after this upcoming rollout not your team’s progress haha sorry should have been more clear but certainly no offense to you or your team meant