Atlas – Hold on to your hat Dorothy


I know , maybe I am being optimistic. Prefer that way.
Also, no offense taken. We can open a spot for you if you need new team as well. :hugs:


Two questions from a Atlas noob

I see and hear a lot about gold and getting gold. What all is the purpose of gold?

The rusher, what is the best way to level it up? If you load it with troops then wander into no mans land wont you just get smashed by someone a lot bigger and not get very much XP?


Gold is used for most atlas upgrades

  • Most importantly, you need it to train troops; 800k gold for every 800 troops trained
  • It is used for upgrading primarchs (along with glory)
  • it is used for upgrading buildings/infrastructure on islands your team owns


  • Get hit and defend
  • Attack king poachers during king poacher event


Thanks I appreciate the reply and the guide, I’ll share it with my team.


I have a few questions. Does upgrading gear change the quality? From what I’m reading in your guide I’m understanding a common item will always be common no matter how many times you upgrade it.

With the new defensive troop assignment system can someone explain how it works and how you get credited? You get a certain amount of team glory based on total troops? How often and then if you go and lose troops do you lose glory? And who can assign the defense units each person gets so many to assign based on their troops or the leader basically gets to assign everyone’s?

In battles what impacts troop losses more the difference in prim attack vs prim defense or the battle result 5🔥 etc.?

Crafting gear- can you use for example two gloves on a rider? Or two rings? Where does the scroll item fit? Is it considered a weapon slot item?

And lastly in your startup guide is it priority to get maximum troops or unlock second prim? If we have tons of troops but only low level fighters won’t we be an easy target anyway?

Thanks for your time


That is correct. The quality is set (by rolling RNG) at the time you collect it from the forge. You will need to craft a brand new one to get another chance at higher quality.

Scrolls are in the weapons slot
Rings are in the rings slot
You can have 1 populating the spot so you have to choose.

I would 100% say that you should level your fighter (original primarch) to level 5 and then get a destroyer as first priority.
Second priority would be farming gold and researching/obtaining a rusher as your second primarch. They are always very very handy.
After that i’d start building up your troop count
See here for more details:


Thanks man


Also open a second slot for the rusher or is it only necessary to summon one at a time?.. (apologizing in advance if this is a stupid question)


Yes, second slot will necessarily be before the second primarch :+1:t3:


Hi is this still true please? Didn’t know if this changed or there is a known issue. Thanks.


It still holds true. The attack has to be an atlas attack on your base and your rider has to be bonded to your dragon on your perch.


Thanks. I did get credit for this eventually, there was just a significant delay, so it seemed like it wasn’t working.

Separate from that I’ve also had battles disappear/not count in Atlas in which they don’t even show up on the Ledger.


Gear Upgrades - Would you say its worth it to upgrade Rare gear? Or strictly Epic & Legendary?


Upgrade them all til you have a replacement! But doing only during crafting event so you get more scrolls… just wondering how much it’s going to cost to upgrade elite level! :scream:


That’s terrible advice… shards are limited resources and the amount of rss needed to upgrade epic or legendary gear is ridiculous.

I wouldn’t upgrade anything less than epic legendary :man_shrugging:t3:




Common is cheap to upgrade… rare isn’t too bad. I have 7 riders, so once in craft something, it will be a while before I take a shot at replacing it.

Upgrading lower rarity pieces won’t break the bank.

Make that 8 riders… too many to not upgrade what I get…


Have a tiny share of upgrades everywhere, or have 1 or 2 upgrades that actually make a difference.

Take your pick, i’d rather have one super OP defense and one super OP attack rider but maybe that’s just me, since you know that’s all we can use for wars anyway.

Save your shards, and don’t upgrade junk down low for measly benefits, you will regret it


I have to agree with Lutrus and mech.

Basically what you‘re doing is building out, not up, you may remember this advice from base building.

You won‘t ever fly 8 dragons in a run and you will end up with a choice of 8 mediocre buffed dragons.


Yeah well… got a lot more shards than scrolls… and I was kinda saving those for when it will be cheaper. Gotta upgrade something to get those event rewards! More scrolls!