Atlas – Hold on to your hat Dorothy


I have 1.2M wind shards, still not spending them because that will get 1 of my pieces of legendary wind gear leveled up. Then i need another 7M+ to get the other pieces upgraded. So yeah…

That being said, the scroll payout is identical (and i mean identical) to troop building so :man_shrugging:


Is it really 1.2 mill? That’s depressing… elite must be craaaaaaaazzzzzy then…


@Recramorcen exact cost for 1 legendary gear from 1-10?
Or if you have a table of values?


Is it 1.2 mill of each type? I’ve only gotten 1 piece to 7 so far…


My current list of upgrades are as below:

So yeah it’s a lot, don’t have the full exact amounts though

Atlas Badges Cost Breakdown [Springveil Season]

That’s a good start… keep it up! :+1:

I wonder if upgrade amount varies by piece… seems like someone else had a different cost than I did… not sure.

I’m wondering on the rarity chances too… so far my experience has been different. I kind of wonder if that will be further " rebalanced" when the scroll cost drops.


Did you see the new gear buffs are coming tomorrow?


It does not. i have like 4 pieces all of different base buff %'s and they all cost the same amount to upgrade


The return on event rewards doesn’t even cover the shards you use. So you’re going backwards.


Thanks for checking that…


Nah… rather have the stronger base and dragons until I get enough scrolls to try for a better piece… which will be who knows when… :robot:


I think this is all the ones I have I forgot to take screen shots of the other interim levels



Update is SICK. Kinda love it lol



That is about accurate, once a month lol


Purely grammatical question…maybe @PGDave or @PGEggToken could answer this as well:

If the singular is “primarch” then the plural, by normal English rules, dictates that it be “primarches”. Yet everywhere I see people posting it as plural by simply adding an ‘s’. Unless the word is pronounced -ark. In which case ‘primarchs’ would be allowable.
Sorry if it seems I’m splitting hairs, as a former editor this really bugs me every time I see it!


Finally another herald of the correctness of written language!
I am falling in love again.


You are too kind, sir!


Tudo quanto está ao teu alcance faze-lo com esmero.


I assumed it was pronounced Prime-ark… as in archetype.