Atlas - How does the contribution tab work?

In atlas if you click on Manage > Contributions and look at the stats how do they work?

The top says “monthly” and the bottom states that they are refreshed “less than a minute ago” so I would assume it means the data relates to the calendar month USA time and that it is updated very frequently.

However always on the first day of the month most of the team are on zero kills as expected but then a third of the team is on 1mm-3mm kills for the month.

I doubt they did so many in a day.

Strangely after ~10 days their kills will decay right off and hit 100-600k by mid month even though they were in the millions on day 1.

While the people on zero get to 1mm+ as expected.

Just wondering what is the logic?

Or is this screen just really bugged out like medals, base dp and that kind of thing ?

It only resets for a player the first time they do stuff in atlas, until then their value stays that of last month.


Thanks @Morreion that makes perfect sense now!!

Doing stuff - is a beast kill or prim move counted or does it need to be an attack?

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Until the person farmed gold, for gold and shards.
And killed troops(offensively or defensive).


I once had a player keep his 533k kills for 3 months … it really throws off the stats. it’d be nice to automatically go to zero.


Im surprised you kept them for 3 months


Running a player through WD Scripts will give you their true kills.


True, but shouldnt be necessary when we have a contribution tab that isnt working as intended (well, expected).


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