Atlas- how to find your lost troops/ “how to find my Sh*t”(RED)


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@pgDave & @pgEcho
I have some suggestions on step 3 image

Linking the bases, where troops are left, to either highlight them on the map or to take your view of the map to its location


This is 100% my favorite.


Nicely done :wink:



i want atlas :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::sob::sob:


Thank you! I hadn’t tried clicking the “Reverse” button and couldn’t figure out why the number of troops at the Garrison didn’t show.


@pgdave also if people accidentally leave their troops in a neutral safe zone that’s name is Neutral 25374 there is no indication on the big map to say where that is, not even if you zoom in on the neutral islands

Note: this has been changed and made a lot easier , thanks to the atlas team


Yikes, that naming is pretty unhelpful. I’m not sure why the actual name isn’t showing up. Will get this onto our bug backlog.


Wow, this is like twice the number of steps it should be.


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