Atlas I’m noob need help

Hello I seen many players and war dragons youtubers are always talking that atlas is important and I dont get it why ?
Im level 86 player and have many questions of atlas
Who you can attack at atlas ? I know that red zone you can but others ?
Is getting atlas riders easy like you don’t need spend money ?
If somebody have time to answer my questions please comment
Thank you for reading

I’m sorry if I’m sound stupid in this letter

Not sounding stupid at all. Is your whole team new to Atlas or do you have people in your team who can advise?

Each team has their own rules about who you can or can’t attack so the forum won’t really be able to help with that.

It is possible to get atlas riders without spending. It may take longer but you’ll get there.

I put my thoughts/tips on how to approach Atlas in the link below. I’m sure others will have their own views as well as other hints and tips. It is very complicated to start with but start with the basics and go from there.


Does your team actually have Atlas? If you don’t know, then probably not…

In others team I was had atlas and Only think I did in atlas was making more troops

I would advise finding a team with Atlas, one that is willing to spend some time helping new players along. There are several you can find on the forums.


Thank you very much for answering my questions
Right now in my team don’t have atlas but others team I was had atlas
I never took serious atlas but bigger players are saying that it’s important
That’s why I started ask questions

You can get a lot of timers through atlas which helps you level up faster. You also get crafting shards which is essential to creating good gear and making your base better. Those are the two main benefits imo.

As for a team to learn, I believe @OrcaFrost team might be a good fit. From what I know it is atlas relaxed so you don’t have to worry to much and it’s in plat IV. Although there are other teams that might better fit your interests 🤷 I definitely suggest joining a team with atlas and that has members that know what they are doing and willing to help.


Atlas is very important seasonal riders, and gear will greatly improve your performance in regular game and in atlas. An atlas team will be required to give you the guidelines for attacking outside of the redzone. But if you work on it. You can see your attack power and defense triple over your current ability without leveling a dragon or a tower


Atlas rewards you for past team effort and ongoing individual effort. If you’re casual and don’t put much into it, you can get some extra daily egg tokens if your team has castles, event timers and shards, easy XP bases, and access to a few more riders. (But you need to play Atlas more to train these riders.)

If you go hard, you can start claiming a large part of the Atlas seasonal prizes and rapidly get maxed gear and tremendous progression resources (timers for your base, egg tokens for your dragons).

If you don’t like Atlas, i would say find a strong non-atlas team and stay in high gold or low Platinum league and get riders from the core game season so you can craft and upgrade at least some rider gear. Gear makes dragons and bases much much stronger, so how much you invest in it is a big determinant of your strength vs other players with similar level, base, and dragons.

You may also progress more slowly and score lower in fort and breeding (fewer breeds and levels per month) due to not having the extra source of egg tokens and timers. If you’re enjoying the game at your level and speed, that is probably fine. If you’re itching to get to endgame and compete with the big kids, it really takes a lot of effort and some money, and effort in Atlas can reduce the amount of money.

The biggest benefits in Atlas come from attacking other players in Atlas pvp. That doesn’t require money, but time and possibly a helpful team. (Getting Atlas elite at least occasionally really helps though.)

For riders in particular, four older (with mostly worse skills) riders are very easy to get. Each season has one or more riders you can earn through pvp. Any of these riders requires more pvp to train their skills to a useful level.

Depends on your team. It’s nice for you if you can attack players at their castles, because there are just more players on castles than in the red zone. Many teams will limit attacks against castles because they don’t want to deal with reprisal attacks. Ask about this when looking for an atlas team.

Some players also find a buddy on another team to “glory swap” with. This saves time at the cost of troops, because you’ll typically be agreeing to a bad result in one fight for the sake of an easy good result in the next, instead of trying to get all good results.

Some teams arrange team glory swaps, attacking each others’ castle guards. Unlike player to player swaps, guard swaps are pretty great.

Last thing: your device makes a big difference. Android vs ios all have their issues (more for Android), but any device with low memory or storage space will probably struggle with atlas making it a lot less fun or impossible. Maybe also Android tablets with cheap graphics hw? Turning down the graphics level can help some.

Sorry so long-winded, I need an editor and also to go kill things. Hope this helps. I kinda like Atlas myself. :nerd_face:


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