ATLAS idea. Other game’s type of “balancing” in Atlas gameplay

Not sure if this type of gameplay was put into Consideration, if not I would like to know the limiting factors would not let us have this kind of gameplay.

Experience in some game…

We can achieve a certain game play in atlas However the game is not relatively interactive and I would say players arent that many in this game that could support this. (Maybe or maybe not)

The game has gaps that needs to be closed like, a 300 player shouldnt be able to batlle a lvl 400 player viceversa (inside atlas) not unless and agreement button wherein yes i want to battle with this player (like a duel type), so swapping gp can still be achieved, with that beinng said there will be a non-pk on lvl gaps like 20 lvls above and 20 levels below a player on pvp area in atlas, then all players can sail freely without being attacked/picked on by whales.

Im also not a fan of capitalism and politics in atlas, we could limit the number of castles, and put islands wherein it works like leagues, if you are in this island x basically you gain more resources golds and etc. If the number of castle is limited, the analogy would be, why “us” d1 players would go down in lower islands , so higher teams would stay in their lane. Only problem here is how would you put it in ratio because a certain island cant accomodate all d1 players that the remains who cant figt for a castle would have to go down. Alliances and politics will be minimized . There will be diversity in atlas for diamond teams downwards… a “null” island or starting island could be implemented so that starting teams will have a place to start.

Yea im very worried on how other teams will start will atlas as those who will start will be thrashed for those who started atlas early. ( no idea on how the new atlas team started)

Pardon grammar. Eng not 1st language. I hope I have expressed myself that could be understood by everyone.

We’re working hard on rewards that encourage competitive PvP, and I hope that’ll help encourage pk activity that isn’t severely mismatched (and hopefully more fun as a result). I’ll share something more concrete soon, likely this week …

I tend to see Atlas as a place where social interactions reign supreme – some players choose to pursue capitalism or politcs, etc. … and that’s pretty imo. I’d rather see more novel gameplay arising from players’ imaginations, not less.

Giving new Atlas teams a fair shake is a top priority. I think half of it comes down to teaching (which quests kicked off this week) and the other half comes down to rewarding competitive PvP. We’ll see if we can pull it off!

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