Atlas improvement/suggestion

Can atlas development team please review to add an icon for attacking prime type and level to the defense banner in atlas in a near future update? :pray:. Would be a major help and improvement.

Sounds like a ton of information in a pop up banner.

Do you want banners to end up being so large in the UI that you can only see 1 or 2 like they just did with the event screen where you select the player to attack?

I don’t trust the UI team at all. 0% trust right now


I’m more confused about how this would be such a major help. Sure you would get an idea of what the troop loss is likely to be but I’m struggling to see how it is relevant to wether or not you join a defense and how you could read several banners fast enough to pick the most important defense.

Seems more likely you would miss all the banners trying to decide which one to choose.

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I’d far rather have location, but I can see the usefulness of prim type, and as an icon prim type would have pretty good at-a-glance comprehension.

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