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Hello community, dear Admins @PGSqurl @PGDave (edited echos name out since squrl deals with atlas more).

As you all know Atlas can be fun, or not… depend on from where you look about it. Today i want to make some suggestion about the game itself, and about the events. Maybe i called it a time out, but this time i try to explain something better, and hope people will like it OR can adjust it, so that you guys and we can find solutions or ideas.

1st.: Not every team have a castle, or access to things. It depens on where you are and with who you fight… New teams have mostly nothing to gain really , and stronger or/and older dominate with power.

The idea behind this was to give every Atlas Team a standard base, i called it a “zero base”… where teams have standard amount of Bank , and other stuff… (its not on map, but available on menue)
On top of that, there can be bonuses, as we all know , but this time it should be event related… and that is the 2nd part of this topic.

2nd: Eventmap

  • As you all know, for events we are seperated in groups , depending on how great we are doing as team… now this idea is a bit older and i told it before, there was the time from the first event with different pathes to gain a dragon ( Nightwing , Skarr and so on…)

So specially for events there could be a “event map” … similar to our PvP , but in Atlas… where teams start from castles and can choose pathes to come to an end, or cross rodes with teams to gain different locations… like a catch the flag or fight for hill… but on the Atlas motive.
Teams should be icognito a while where after a time when they cross there way, they realize at least who they are… but as Atlas is , not a whole team need to go all 1 way… there could be many many ways, where people splitt … not 50 … that would be too much, but many ones… So that if a team decide to splitt in 2, still can beat a top 1 tea who split in 10 or 15 … and win one prize of the road. It should be designed that you havent the time to go everywhere, so that if you choose a country to go in, you wont have all time to go back to the other end of the world. Of course you cant see what is behind the way, only until where your players are .

So basically , to change during some events the map state, “instead of shielded everywhere”, and make different solutions for level event, or build event, or craft event… so that you can still gain useful things about.
Teams who are randomly in a group , would need to fight good and tactically… and our Atlas map is big, so there should be a solution to change it in a way that teams have a different colloseum or forrest or vulcan area , or dessert… you know what i mean :slight_smile:

So a big map for 5 teams… for example ( not all place, but the area could be used )

3rd: Gain bonus from event!
The work and effort of every team should be rewarded… not only with stuff for build troops after lost ones, or gain shards… instead of it it should be more… like a up for the bonuses. And here we are for the zero castle teams too!
If teams who have not much , can still do good in events, even in a bit lower groups… they can gain with good play a up for bonuses for a time like 2 weeks , and add more of it, where the last 4 events for example decide of your rank and position…

Its similar to european football… there the teams gain points as country and the last 5 years decide your rank and how many can go to championsleague, or which ones to the european league…
In fact its a modell to allow teams who cant get much, or not really strike big groups down, a chance to have a piece of the cake… So that a Zero castle can let a team who did well in last 4 events, and build up there state… good prizes or % of shards for what they can fight in safe areas or red zones after the event…
As i said, different pathes, different areas, different bonuses… And once you climed one, you have it.
So that a team maybe can earn something, for what you need 4 star castles, like clocks … just for doing very good over time… or better shard bonuses or faster troop builds…

These days where we speak of unbalance in Atlas or where teams lost interest, this can wake up the moral finely…
Teams who think they can go for all 15-20 pathes… may loose the half, because the other 4 cross other pathes …
And of course, before the crossroads there can be prizes to gain aswell, so that small rewards are available…
For teams with a already high state, the gain should be just a small up, where for teams with low or nothing , the difference should be better… Just as the graphic where at beginning the curve is high, and late saturated…Those who dont do much, can sit on ther castle state they already have…
Like in our events, it depend on your group where you are too, what you fight for, and versus who!

This can be fun, and this can let people who work and invest there troops and time, and more a chance !

  • As i told from start, i really hope this ideas will get heard, and people can have there opinion about any option, to tell about, and help more out ! :slight_smile:

… that was just a beginning… hope we can enjoy together better times and new innovations!
@PGJared sorry that i tag you in , i know the friends above will try there best, but i wanted involve you to a possible great future and better type of events if possible over time



They can fight for one of the many lands owned by teams as we all do everyday for starters or u can just hand them one of your teams! Only thing we need is new events in atlas

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Emrah, I wholeheartedly agree there should be a zero base for all teams. An unconquerable home with a bank to build from. The base should only go unowned if the team hits the disband button.

I like the idea of rewards from event effort. Im not sure I follow the suggestions, but the idea of a pvp type atlas map intrigues me.

I have suggested before that a seasonal reset might be one way to restore the opportunity for balance. This idea does not sit well with many, but some form of reset is needed or we continue the ‘rich get richer’ mechanics.


So let’s think about the seasonal reset for a second, what about all the little platinum teams who have worked their butts off to get and then hold their small little handful of castles? We just say “sorry you don’t need those anymore. Put all that work in again, except now you only have 3 months to do it”. Can you not see the mass exodus that would happen if you just all of a sudden took everything away from 100s of teams?

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Thank you both that you took your time to read my topic.

It is very clear, for strong or for weak teams, that Atlas can use some improvements… specially arround event and connected to that to bonuses.

At least one aspect is to bond the success over many events to a bonuspart overall, but it can take time surely… Of course the groups we already have, can be pointed as a factor for it. So that the worth of effort over time can be pointed there out. That way even teams without that bonus from castles, can get some out of there effort over the events.

I really hope more people bring in ideas, so PG can have a type of “user board” , to see what can be, and not to be.
At least it would be nice if some friends of PG would be inside discussions about, what is planned … or in what a way it can go.

Is there a chance for future to adapt some ideas into Atlas ?
You all know what balance problems there are arround… and its was not just the timers in prizes…

Do you think ,
A: The bonuses can be seperated in castle + event effort over time…
B: The event structure can be more dynamic,… as a event map where teams can drive over land , as we do normally ?

There are different ways to think about a season reset. I think there should be one central “home” castle that holds all the infrastructure bonuses and gives all teams with Atlas a minimum home bank.

Your bonuses at the end of a season should be the rewards for the start of the second season and remain in effect for the entire season. Your bonuses at the end of the season should be the ones in effect for the next season and so on.

This would allow for PG to have more opportunity to change the Atlas dynamics with less affect to teams investments.

I think Atlas needs an almost total overhaul. The problem the way I see it is that PG is now too heavily invested in the current Atlas mechanic. They saw something very similar work in other apps and decided to shoehorn it in, while still expecting people to pay for it. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

The reason why people use Atlas Elite for example , is to do better in events to gain prizes, which are useful in the maingame aswell, and to get from Atlas the good season prizes aswell.

The competition between teams is the bonus on it… and there the looser part or new teams have no chance in get in a good time up. Its logical after all… they just started or are beaten up because of there state over time.

Now there can be new dynamics beside the current state… And a new kind of bonus, which is a add on the actuall one… like 20 points or 30 points on that like… Could get some teams more then they would have… and for those who already are high, it will have not the same effect, but still a use… so otherwise they wouldnt be interest in doing something.

For this there can be some ways aswell… One idea is the teamrank from last few events , to be a factor for the bonusrank in that list. A other type of add can be items which you can gain in events for effort, so that your bonus will be better… like +100-150% red shards or dark… Or +15-20% XP… or gold… Just something that would be worth to competitive beside the game in events more too…

The eventmap was just a idea, because as in PvP events things are closed … There could be a different map for groups … where they use roads inside a short time… to gain prizes in different location, and fight on ways others… At least that idea could take longer, but is the most fun one.
There is much behind, but i am not sure if all ideas can be made, or will be… thats how i suggested about and asked people here , so what they would like to suggest :slight_smile:

Hope with that we can move arround some problems too.

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