Atlas inefficiency

How do sapphire 2 teams compete against diamond 1 teams in atlas? I don’t want to hear about alliances as no Ally is going to waste a million troops defending another team. It should be closer to the league system. This is ridiculous if you want people to continue enjoying WD.

I’d suggest taking a read through some of the anti grieving mechanism notes that are floating around from PGDave. It may give you the answer you are looking for


Three steps. 1) Open atlas, 2) collect tokens, and 3) close atlas…


This and don’t go for level 4 and 5 land. You’re asking to be skewered if you do that.


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lmfao that’s on point :rofl:

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  1. Play politics (don’t piss anyone off)
  2. Build troops in neutral
  3. Look for a level 2 land
  4. Make sure the team holding the level 2 land isn’t protected by a big team/alliance (politics)
  5. Take level 2 land
  6. Tell your teammates to build troops and not hit for glory until they have 70k troops
  7. With your larger amount of troops, apply for an alliance.

smh :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

more of

  1. Open Atlas
  2. Collect tokens.
  3. Do daily XP on poachers and mines
  4. build troops on safe zone
  5. close atlas

In case you need to play Atlas now, you have troops ready to use.

from my understanding Atlas is going to be vastly increased in size …
Hold back and wait till that is Happening, grab one of the new lands/Castles then and hope no one will be on a crusade wiping you out.

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Actually… how many tokens do you get for sitting in the safe zone?
I didn’t know you get any for that.

yeah, there’s no egg tokens given unless you have a level 2 and up.

Forgot about that, but amassing troops on the safe zone is the safest when you don’t want to lose them because there’s a level 500 taking it over for the lols.


Don’t you shake your head at me. Make it less annoying to attack in :man_shrugging:t2::joy:

Apologies I forgot to mention we have land and allies, All I was saying is it should be like the league system where you stick to battling teams of similar strength. That would make it more balanced.

This is the first time you’ve said something I can appreciate LOL

:thinking: who are you?

Maybe wrong player. Moving on.

Sadly, that’s how Atlas is most days. :rofl:

The original intent of the creation of Atlas was to connect all leagues and all players on a 3D map.

Why put so much work into creating it when it just ends up being like the core game with so many restrictions?

Have you ever seen the term “sandbagging”? Please familiarize yourself with it. The current system gives no incentive to move up in the leagues, granted…Atlas falls short there. But most people don’t actually want fair, they just want things that are skewed their way.