Atlas Invader runs - Double Speed

For only Atlas invader runs against beasts, please add a small toggle button on the bottom left during the attack where the we can run the invader at 2x speed.

These runs are endlessly boring, but it’s a necessity. I could really get a lot of my life back if I can do these 50% faster.


You dont like the 1/4 turn speed they implemented tonight?


When this baby hits 8mph, you’re gonna see some serious …


I like this idea. That said, if I’m not flying for XP I always quit after 70% and get the same resources. Not quite half but, well, 30% less flying

I’d honestly like an option to set an attack as a multi attack that uses a certain amount of resources (heal pots/boosts) to make an attack count as multiple attacks. This would need a cap to prevent abuse but allowing one attack to count as 3 for invaders would save so much time

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pick up a dragon with a summon so that it can autoplay without you touching a button once in battle. i got chelonoth last season and i use it to farm gold while i do more important things.

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Actually autopilot dragons are affected too ( trust me i tried)

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I would rather see an option that after completing one run you could do like pvp event and hit raid for x amount of healing pots to prevent endles amounts of time consuming runs although a necessity very very time consuming

Think you’ll save more time, as x2 speed is 100% faster.

Just saved more of your life for other things.

You’re welcome :wink:

I suggest doing something constructive during these runs. Using a summon dragon spell or drago. Idea is great.

What do you guys do during the Many mindless runs we are doomed to repeat. Invader runs egg runs, helping teammate runs. Etc ?

I completed this wooden ship model in just a few days. :lying_face:.


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