Atlas Invader scaling and some other stuff


I wonder if PG doesn’t think that it’s time to do another Invader scaling ? We have level 85 towers in game, but the Invader base is limited to level 65. End result ? The Invader XP points for a run (before any boosts or multipliers) is about 1M less than what a dragon would get if attacking a maxed base. In my case, Invader is about 2.45 M XP while a good base gives me 3.67M XP and I don’t have to make it to 70% to get those XP points. With the new tiers XP needed increasing dramatically, I think PG should revise a bit this situation.

Another question about Atlas : being that every team is part of an alliance of max 5 teams, can’t PG add anything to help the 5TA ? Like, let’s say I have a Prim to a castle of one of my TA. My Prim is attacked by a sniper or enemy. It would be nice if the TA that owns the castle would receive a message about the attack on my Prim. I am not asking for seeing the banner of the attacker on my base, but an email or notification would be great. This way, I think, we would have a better communication between the 5TA and it would improve the response of everyone against a threat.


Interesting, no one responds to my message, but it gets a lot of likes. Can PG do something ? Please @Arelyna

You missed where they already accidentally released it and withdrew it and told us it will be in 5.03.

(5ta question is a good one, maybe it deserves further discussion. I think it could get annoying, but…)

Yeah, I missed that one !

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