Atlas is a bad joke

Hi. Just a personal curiosity if I may. Atlas doesn’t work for medium to big raids, it is clear by now, all community is frustrated. I would like to know if PG will prioritise making atlas work instead of implementing all kind of s… that usually do not work anyway. You can not make atlas play? You do not care? At list say it like men, “we are not competent to make it work”, or “we do not care as you players are paying anyway”. At list let us know pretty please.
If I would do my job like this I would get sacked in 24h, a massive congrats for being able to work for a company like this and I am saying this with all the frustration and jealousy of a man who really need to do a proper work, not bad jokes like this.
A soon to be ex player
PS pardon my English it is not my first language


They’re working on it, geez.




Bad joke
Sorry, couldnt resist :joy:


They’ve been working on it. They even put aside working on lag to do the shuffle. That went well. Working on it is pg code for maybe someday we will do something but don’t hold your breathe


Meh, whenever i say a word like boycott ppl are looking at me like at the village idiot. No one wants to do s… about, why am I barking at the moon really lol… people are still paying, :sheep:
Will look how to delete, really pointless, they do not care and :sheep: :dollar:

I agree with you. Reducing Atlas lag would help a lot of players to enjoy it way more. Moving into a castle with multiple players and a bunch of troops doesn’t produce any decent results. You need to hit a target multiple times, wait for 10-30 minutes and pray for a hit to count. Conquering castles or even getting a raid done to hit guards is almost impossible.

I guess, solving the lag issues would also help to reduce the stagnation on the map as well…but first and foremost, it would make a lot of active Atlas players really happy


Maybe you missed it, but it sounds like they have been working on it for awhile and found that there was a bigger issue than originally thought. They are working on replacing a major back-end system. This sounds promising but only time will tell if it will actually make a difference.


For some years now, still in early Beta.


To be fair to op, pg has been saying this for a while.


What is lag? Lol. PG has been working on this for years but still they keep adding s… like my bro Vlad mentioned before. They should stop doing everything they are and fix the gdamn atlas.


Castle guard hits work like a charm. No lag and instant results.

Normal raids with equivalent troops lead to you having to attempt to move three times to get to the base, then reloading atlas since your primarch didn’t move. Then after reloading it is there. So you launch an attack. Success. No troop loss. “Maybe somebody killed my target first?” Nope. It’s still there at the castle. So you pick a new base. Attack. Win again. Nothing. Enemy still there. Then you attack again and die. Nothing. You didn’t lose a troop. Then all of a sudden you get a message that your primarch has been freed and you check the logs to see what hit counted.

It’s really damn bad right now.image


Yeah no one insults Atlas like that it’s politics are juicy as well as the eggs you get

Castle guard hits are also often affected by lag.


I jus got an unicorn and don’t know their diet, can you help me please? You seem to believe in them, no offence hon :rofl:

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Umm … you said you wanted to know if PG would prioritize making Atlas work and she gave you a link where they said … Atlas lag is top priority.

So … she gave you what you asked for, a statement from PG they are working on it.


I linked a post stating a time frame and what was being done and I even stated

What more do you want? :roll_eyes:


If you truly believe pg is capable of doing… well anything tbh then I have some snake oil to sell you. We’re talking about the company that can’t even get a timer right ffs.

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Well if you think they are incapable of fixing/improving, is there any point to asking about it?

I think that’s a question for the creator of the topic. I personally have accepted that pg will simply make things worse.