Atlas is busted still

And we are back from a lovely castle battle and you will never guess what happened!

1- couldn’t move to the castle for 10 mins
2- once i got to the castle the battles didn’t count.

over 30 attacks and my battle log counted 2 of them.

what happened to atlas lag getting fixed ? seems that’s not happened so far :man_shrugging:.


the problem: atlas is laggy af this causes me to want to stop playing the game.

the solution: i don’t know fix the game ? review the source code from a year ago and revert wtv changes got made that made it impossible to have more the 3 teams on a castle ?

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lol (5char)

All of platinum was added, that’s where the atlas fixes went

lol even before they were added it was just as bad

Unfortunately, rolling stuff back isn’t very practical :sweat_smile:

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I have an idea let’s add even more complex crap like sieges that will help right ?
Better yet let’s make everything two bubbles deep :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: that will solve the lag problem :man_facepalming:

git revert —hard is more practical then depending on pg’s crack team of programmers imo :man_shrugging: assuming of course that they use any kind of source control which is unclear lol

i know i know we make teams able to have 1k members that way it’ll reduce the teams on the castle at one time :joy:

It’s unplayable as of now. Took me round 5 mins to go to the intended castle. Registration of successful attacks are completely delayed. These are basically the same problems back then that were still unaddressed. We don’t even know who to ask now of an update for the fix or for the land shuffle. :man_facepalming:

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Tactical games are designed either for short term play or long term play!

Tactical games designed for short term play are based on tactical degradation to quickly produce a winner a loser or a draw these games use elimination or acquisition to drive tactical degradation.
Tic tac toe for example is unplayable because it’s too simple.
Chess is playable because it’s very complex and balanced but most games still end in a draw :man_shrugging:
And atlas is even more complex but has ended in a draw or what we call stagnation
Making atlas more and more complex will relive stagnation temporarily but In the end it will result in faster and faster stagnation and more lag! lmao
We don’t need more complex we need super simple map designed for
Long term play and then we can slay the lag monster lmao

Yep maps based on short term play! :man_shrugging: :man_facepalming:
And making it more complex will not accomplish much but it will feed the lag monster and yep by adding more players you only make it even slower :rofl:

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