Atlas is completely broken for me



For 2 days i cant do anything at all in atlas(troop training/finishing, getting into castle page, and full gray regions except just a few normally colored lands around 1 of primarchs) even though normal game and the event works just normal and if i try to go back to normal it doesnt return to normal game it keeps me waiting on “loading page” forever but it turns to normal sometimes…i force-closed the game lots of times, uninstalled and reinstall again, turned off the phone and opened the game again lots of times but nothing works i dont know whether it is my phone’s problem or due to updates following v4.92


How is 4.93 for you? Any better?


Made it worse


I’m having the same issue


I’m guessing you’re running Android. Welcome to the group. PG does not actively support Android although it is the most distributed OS but they are targeting and supporting Apple iOS


Not true i run on iso and they suck on both platforms just different problems. Like constant sync errors troops train icons go blank. Ships says move but wont than nothing works need to force close, Beast you cant attack, etc just a differnt bag of poop. Has gotteb much much worse last few days hoping update will make better but usually the opposite for first few days at least.


I have this problem too. And problems started a few hours ago. Update not help((( apple ios

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