Atlas is down :(

Atlas is having some issues tonight, and won’t open.


Same here

Yep. Support is just sending auto notifications about general sync errors.

@PGGalileo @PGJared @PGNines

Must be working on new map :rofl:

Someone probably pushed a button they shouldn’t have :rofl:


Looks like they’re testing out the land reset…

Looks like they fixed it.

Yup it’s a sad day again… another day of unreliable application… is anybody able to get in and see if I bubbled that asshat who hit my castle this morning? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Finally I’m in and Yes! At least the last run counted even though I got booted straight after :muscle:

Yup back up for me. (Great job PG, like a 15-20 min resolution)

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Yikes! Sorry about this folks! Our team was looking into this when it was reported. Turns out they released a fix for it around 8:10pm PT. Please let us know if you still see the error message.


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