ATLAS is gone with new 4.21 update



Where is my Atlas? Help please… support for us all PG

No atlas tab after update?
4.21 Release Notes
Missed up update
Broke. Atlas after update

Ditto, on iOS.


what is going on ? @pgEcho


Update 4.22 coming soon.


@Kenlin1016 when will it happen?


4.22? we just got 4.21?


Everyone one my team thats downloaded update atlas is gone. Several of us have great dragons out on missions cant collect cause no atlas! Huge Eff up PG really not cool


I’m sorry. I was being facetious.
Just assuming something went wrong, and it will take an entire update to fix it.


This is very, very frustrating


Hey all! We are looking into the issue right now and trying to figure out why people are not able to access Atlas after the update.


Not only the Atlas disappeared, but also I have the lagging problem that reveals on game everywhere again lol
Plz fix it asap


@Arelyna Thank you for the feedback, I look forward to an update soon.


why oooo why didn’t i followed my instinct which said: “there could be some trouble coming with this update again don’t do it yet” Now i’m screwed …


You were screwed either way. New update fails, old update would not allow scoring in Atlas event.


You can still follow on a attack just not get in


:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:no Xp runs in Atlas now.


Help its dark and I cant see Atlas :cry:


I’m sensing another inadequately thought-out apology chest containing stuff that a level 3 player would laugh at coming soon…

For the inconvenience…


Did it work when you tested it on the dev platform before moving it to production?

You did test it, right?

You do segregate dev from production, right?

Asking for a friend…