Atlas is laggy galaxy s9+

i have a new galaxy s9+ and atlas on my new device is very laggy.
i can move the map but it responds slowly. the menus in the atlas are almost impassible to use they work so slow the the phone says many times that the interface is unresponsive.
when i use my old phone galaxy s6 it works fine so at least i can manege for the time being.
in regards to doing runs on atlas it works fine

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@meki1977 I’ve reported this issue to the team so that we can try testing this on some of our in-house Galaxy S9+ devices. In the meantime, I was able to find this thread of some other players having a similar issue. It looks like some of them were able to solve this by contacting their mobile carrier to make some changes to their network settings. If this helps resolve the issue let us know so we can add that information to the ticket for the team to test.

i dont have a network problem that causes lagging since the lagging only happen at the atlas map and the atlas menus like sending resources to the bank and in atlas event menus.
the the thread you suggested does not apply to the situation

We are planning a fix for this in 4.20.

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