Atlas is really glitchy rite now

Every other time I try to summon or set a path in atlas sometimes well a lot of times it won’t let me, in regular game no glitches at all but when I’m in atlas there’s some sort of connection problem, am I the only one experiencing this?

I did poachers run and game kicked me
Multiple times

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Is it just in Atlas that you are experiencing this? Was there anything specific other than poacher runs that were being done at the time?

No,not at all
It was normal poachers run
My atlas is glitchy in general,so I use to it (can close after atlas attack or poacher run)
But usually it’s kivki me only to main game page
I noticed troubles with rss transfers as well today
Sometimes it won’t work for a few tries.
But now it looks better and I can do my runs

primarchs get stuck on the center of the castle (system never sends final update to client)
failed to set up Atlas bug is as bad as it was before it was fixed.

I had the exact same thing and I have found one thing triggers this beyond everything else. If you have a primarch that is being upgraded, the game crashes many many times more. While a primarch was being upgraded, it took over 40 attempts to revive a primarch. It took double digit attempts to finish troops.

The moment I spend up that primarch upgrade I was able to play normally. Who knows why. Give that a try mate.

Should just fix the game, cause you allready know all the issues if you would read through the forums🤨
Or actually let your devs play it…

Atlas is always glitchy, thought it was normal

Yes but not like this, it takes 60 min to revive a prime , every time I get close to 10 min it resets and I waste way more timers to revive , them when I try to set a path it won’t set it for over 10 attempts it says sorry and to contact support , once I do get set I get kicked to main screen, the glitches are way harder than b4 idk this post is really just to maybe raise awareness on the issue and maybe for pg to look a little more into it

@Arelyna It gave me this screen, which was a first for me. Had to force shut

Edit: please tell your general to load faster :joy:

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I get general.loading a lot. Better that than the stuck loading screen that freezes the game when I try to back out or the slow loading castle details that just takes a minute with no recourse.

Atlas is worse when I’m in or when I’ve set my home to a very busy location such as anything aligane-adjacent. A lot of failure to set up atlas then. Moving or changing home helps in this case. I dunno how those with neighboring castles can stand it. I wish they’d make it scale better.

Off topic
Also there is a glitch
I can’t bring alt in my mini team for a 2 days already

I have perfect connection
Have no idea why I can’t join

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