Atlas is stale and old

The forums have determined that this statement is false



I agree people won’t be happy with the reset but how do we fix this mega alliance problem and the sheer number of troops on certain teams ? A low platinum team can’t stand against sapphire and sapphire can’t stand against diamond and even some diamond can’t stand against other diamond teams so how can we fix the unbalance of atlas?? All I see is teams quitting because they can’t hold a castle anymore so why not make it no team can hold a castle for longer then 3 months?

Well I agree something needs to happen, I think a readjustment of glory scaling to actually make it a deterrent, and maybe even introduce like negative glory and zero revive, so if you hit down too much you could cripple your account for a long time.

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I have no idea on fixing mega alliances but some alliance would probably have to fight them and it would have to be strong teams but then again it’s very big so another method would need to be done. Another method I’m unsure of but maybe fixing the map is first thing that’ll fix that playing field tactical war and not just planning war, and I’m kinda good at tactics when it comes to being overly careful in atlas and setting up higher level bases, which is useless but at least it’s fun and can be useful only rarely.

In a nutshell, quit as there is no solution. :rofl:

Seriously though, there is no simple solution. There is no complex solution.


  • Make only 5ta and one other 5ta able to be on a castle at one time.
    Exploit: Mega alliance now parks in friendly red castles, no attacks possible. Total deadlock. Forums, tickets, and social media explodes in anger. Many quit.

  • Rule to fix 1: After X time, you are vulnerable again or the non attacking red primarch loses all troops with 100% perma loss.
    Exploit: Mega alliance now requires you to rotate players around every X-1 minutes to get around the limitation. Yet more alliance “rules”. Now the map is mostly at a stalemate, you could attack if you were lucky to find a castle not mega guarded. Not deadlock, but stalemate. Forums, tickets, and social media eventually explode in anger. (Or everyone becomes apathetic and just swaps for their glory. Prizes become to easy, so PG is forced to increase costs.)

  • Make moving around the map easier by making all castles access.
    Result: Teams drop castles and/or disband in droves. Forums, tickets, and social media explodes in anger.

  • Split Atlas into “leagues”.
    Exploit: Teams cannot handle what league they are in (or choose not to) so they kick players intentionally to drop leagues just before their apr is locked in so they are locked into the lower league. Once locked in, they invite the kicked players o return. Thus they become the big fish in the little fish pond. (This doesn’t even take into account what happens to castles and such if it isn’t fixed or reset and a team moves up or down “leagues”, we can assume those are fixed as well.)

  • They reset Atlas every season, all castle ownership is removed, all infrastructure and troops are kept.
    Result: Those teams that actually worked hard for their castles, spending sometimes weeks to get it, are now told “now back in the pool”. Many players are rightfully upset over this and quit. Forums, tickets, and social media explodes in anger. Those that stay make the best of it. So for the first 4-6 weeks Atlas is a flurry of activity to gather the PvE castles. Then maybe a few pvp battles. By week 8 barely any attacks as no one wants to put out the resources into castles that they don’t get to keep. So for the last half of the season most just build troops, not fight. Troop stockpiles are not only restored, but higher than before.

  • They set a cap on how many troops you can own.
    Result: If they remove all troops above the cap, those that bought bullhorn packs will now flood the stores for refunds as what they paid for was removed. If they don’t, then they will complain because now they are locked out of event points in troop training and they can’t revive at all because of the cap. Forums, tickets, and social media explodes in anger.

  • Nuke Atlas and remake with something else.
    Result: Players who like Atlas as is may leave. Teams disband. If they make all troops and infrastructure useless, expect stores to get flooded with refund requests. If new “something else” is done well, the forums et Al may not explode in anger. Knowing people though, it still will.

Need I go on? Mega alliances are a player created problem. One not easily solved.


The reason, that guards are always at 50%. Is, so that if a team needs to bubble a low lvl team, to get to a higher lvl one, they at least get something.(this isn’t a horrible reason imo) I don’t know how I’d feel about 0% or a negative %. I do however, think that hitting up should be rewarded. Say 110, or 120% glory, instead of just 100.

I also think that, a further reduction in delay times could help with bigger teams hitting down. You could also just get rid of guards, which would make delay times nonexistent. But, that’s an unpopular opinion.


You don’t have any idea how much diamonds I used everyday.

Solution to all/none of life’s problems: deem atlas a complete failure that is beyond fixing and shut it down completely.

Seriously though it cant be fixed unless the mega alliances are broken


How do you propose that teams ranked 1-5 be rewarded for hitting up? Unfortunately tightening glory bands and penalising for hitting down (to the point of getting 0% on guards) seems to be the better option.

If you’re seriously hungry and a sledgehammer is all you have you’ll have to, unfortunately

Problem? They’re creating (virtual) world peace! A world without war, who would be against that???

The only possible solution I see is ending castles. Atlas isn’t the problem, neither are (mega) alliances, castles and the stagnation they cause are.
Give primarchs a different functionality and make castles battlegrounds where primarchs meet to fight.


Not if you have alternatives that are better. And while this needs a drastic solution. There are better ones.

If you actually look, he’s only posted in recruitment so he has not posted a game-mechanics or general commentary post.

I think guards should be scaled more heavily. 50% on rank 600 is insane. If you’re going through a smaller team then you’re going through a smaller team. Take your lumps.


Yet this is the mechanic used is hundreds of other games, and even in the big money games like League of Legends. They do a seasonal reset and at the start of the season all players have to fight to get ranked, then once ranked players can still fight their way up.

It’s not insurmountable. And its necessary to introduce a way to keep the game fresh and evolving.

Then ingame mechanics could adjust the flow of gold and troop bonuses to stimulate appropriate troop levels. When the mechanics mean that you can be constantly losing 30% of your troops simply being attacked by bigger player, or with unstoppable dragons who 5 flame when triple defended even on a good base… then the flow of troops is inequitable.

Again, this is not insurmountable. It just needs a commitment to monitoring and adjusting dynamically over time to ensure balance.

Such as? So far every possible solution that was suggested on this forum has been shot down.
Atlas , or rather the castle system in Atlas, is a flawed concept. So either we all shut the fk up about all that is wrong in Atlas or we agree something drastic has to happen. And something drastic means something everyone will have something to complain about.

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Yes, but it was built that way from the beginning or very quickly added. So it quickly became rule of the game.

Atlas is 3+ years old in it’s current state of rules (mostly player made ones) with two land expansions. It wasn’t built to reset, promote local combat, or drive team rank placement.

As far as I can tell, it was built for here are your pieces that give you X benefit for holding them, we’ll allow you to band together in groups of 5, here are your fighters that you can use to fight, here are the rules regarding the fights themselves. Have fun, get glory.

So yeah, everything beyond that point is player created. Mega alliances, hitting up/down, who should and shouldn’t own a castle, what castles are good or bad, deciding to stay pirate, etc.

There are some who prefer this type of play where things don’t change so quickly, many of them are in the top teams in the game, many are in lower teams to take a break from the demand of the higher teams.

If you now introduce a seasonal reset, they may feel their previous work was for naught since it was never a rule of the game for so long.

Please go read through PG’s proposal to do just that last year. There was a pretty clear split on love and hate. They backed off on it.

There is nothing stopping you from going out and 5 flaming another base to get the same troop loss. There is nothing stopping you from doing the same thing.

You aren’t taking into account those that are constantly hitting up in team rank or near rank and also getting pummeled on both sides. I had a ton of 30% loss lately just trying to hit bases, and failing, during Atlas battles. Bases I might take on run A, but fail on run B because the defender got a super shot off slightly faster or I was too slow. That is a 30% loss too. Trying to hit a max trapper without a max Sieger also results in that 30% being more substantial.

I could go on some more honestly. The points I am trying to make is that “fixing” Atlas is hard. Just as someone is disadvantaged now, any fixing will disadvantage someone else and not necessarily in a way for the good of the whole.

Honestly, I was a huge fan of seasonal resets and especially sieges back in the original proposals. I still think it would be good for Atlas to be converted into Sieges, this seasonal resets wouldn’t be needed. (It is popular to have as an addition to Atlas I believe, same as shrines, not converted.) However, I am not the majority. I got the impression very quickly that many didn’t want yet another “event type” mechanic that resets once every 3 months. They like Atlas as is, the open world where you could potentially hit any other team.

Again, the point is for every thing suggested we can come up with a counter or consequence. Fixing Atlas is hard.


Hence my: