Atlas Issues 9/21/2019-?

Anyone else?

Mod: marking pgjared’s update as solution for easy to find reasons.


Same for me and several others on my team.

Been like that for me for about 3 hours. iOS.

Yes, and can’t get a response from pg

Broken for me too… but only on one account :woman_shrugging:

Yes I sent complaint in an even rebooted game nothing no response from pg

@Arelyna can you please save us when you wake up tomorrow :hugs: not a good screen to be unable to access with atlas season about to end.

Sorry if that’s the wrong tag you’ve just always been very helpful and it is desperate times

Are they even active in forums on weekends usually? ;(

Also having this issue haha

No but hopefully with season about to end someone decides it’s worth 2 seconds of their time to see what’s going on


Me too

Jay (War Dragons)

Sep 20, 7:41 PM PDT

Hi KingsHuntress,

This is Jay from War Dragons Support.

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know that your Atlas event page is not loading properly. I apologize for the inconvenience. Don’t worry, I’ll look into this for you.

Upon checking, our devs are already aware of this issue. They’re currently looking into this matter as we speak. Once we have an update, we will let everyone know. At this time, our team is still working on a fix as other players also encountered the same issue. We will continue to inform everyone through the forums and in-game mail when we have more information to share. Until then, we apologize any trouble.

Thanks again for your patience regarding this matter. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re here to help. Take care!


Yes, mine is now messed up, it’s like an infection spreading. Not to happy about this.

My Atlas event page is also broken :confused:

Same issue here. I checked this after it had been like that for a couple hrs - restarted game and phone then car here to see if it was just me.
Thanks for looking into it and keeping us posted on progress

Same thing with mine just sent PG my ticket on itScreenshot_2019-09-21-02-07-43

Same issue here, and it would be great to know if the glory earnt while this issue lasts would get me chests once it’s fixed or not.

I already had this issue yesterday, I don’t know if it reached my teammates too. I did literally every fix I know before I sent a ticket, got an automated response from support saying they are working on it.

Well, I really hope they are with three days left on the season. They should at least increase the season claiming option by as much time as the screen was down…

Sick of being unable to claim something and be SoL as soon as the Atlas season countdown is up while the main game season give us one or two days of opening/buying chests to finish a line, if not earning them.


Been broken for me also. No response from pg on submitted ticket either.

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I just basically posted the same thing with the same screenshot.
Then I seen this.

It’s pretty sad that I’m already anticipating PG screwing us over on this.
They’ll take the weekend off, get it fixed 2 hours after the season ends and give everyone 43 diamonds and some bs apology.
I was really excited to get that mythic gear. Bummer to see PG fail right at the end of a season.
If the company had a speck of morality they would extend the atlas season for however long the screen is inaccessible.