Atlas issues aug 13th

So ive hit. Few people in atlas am not getting chests at all lag is horrible lets see u do a gold run u have to reboot each time! Lets see i got hit in atlas after every freaking run in atlas it says i got hit by same person yet im not at there castle its like it is on repeat and its driving me nuts same with food transfers from atlas gotta reboot pg fix this mess

Crap just keeps coming back even showing after each run the gold i had recieved hours ago :laughing:

@Crisis @Arelyna

Isn’t this just a normal Tuesday thing?

Happens every Tue. At least, recently. Doesn’t matter, if there is an update or not. May be PG has some kind of internal Atlas maintenance.


Yes. It’s atlas Tuesday! They really should make it an official thing

Seeing the repeat hits that isnt there is annoying asf :laughing:

We are currently investigating what is going on here!


Ty its really bad today

I reported the gold issue last night. Support claimed I wasn’t ripped off for opening 16 gold picks and only getting credit for 8 because of course, the logs don’t show things they don’t know about and we all know the logs see all. They also failed to escalate the issue as I requested.

I shoulda screenshot the primarch screen where it said I had enough gold to leave, but wouldn’t let me due to insufficient resources. But I don’t screenshot everything because, well… I shouldn’t have to.

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It’s been every Tuesday for a while now. Just some examples

Yes and its alot worse today then any other tuesday its the day before pvp no event shields up all week. And i still have prim freed from hours ago that keeps poping up

Yep today is worse than normal…

Half of my team can hardly play Atlas at all. It’s a mess.

Nani ? :woozy_face:

If a force restart doesn’t fix yours, you will probably need to put in a support ticket before you can open chests

Send them the screenshot with negative badges, should get fixed fast

Its not urgent accualy yet i dont care -5k glory … couple pewpew will fix it without Developer help but …
Its just show us “how big delay we have with atlas…”

May people are not care who dosent like atlas but most of us play this game for Atlas
I believe no…I want to believe next Atlas season will be more smoother then we expect :wink:

It locks you out of opening badge chests when it’s negative, so unless it goes positive without support, you will need to get help. I’ve had it happen once and I know others who have too. Not once has fixed itself.

But they always fix it quickly.

I’m pretty confident it will be smoother each season. Maybe not as smooth as most demand, but I already see things we struggled with getting smoothed over for future seasons.

Uuuu then better am send a ticket … What a mess fell prety lazzy for tickets :roll_eyes:
Thank you have a nice PewPews at game :smile:

You must be right. The German notes of the 5.03 update read “All bugs in and out of Atlas have been fixed.” The glitches you see are due to the delay those fixes have propagating through the internet tubing. They will arrive shortly.


App won’t even let me start a support ticket to report this problem