Atlas issues on my destroyer

My destroyer is frozen, says it’s a level 0, it won’t do anything, I can’t use it please help

did you got banned by mistake?
a friend of mine had to reinstall game to make atlas work again

I’ve reinstalled and don’t everything I can think of PG said it was a known issue but it has been several days

@PGJared. @PGDave @pgEcho pls help him checking this.

Stop breaking things.

I’m trying and PG says they will return my medals and the atlas is a known issue and they are working on it but I’m crippled in atlas with the destroyer frozen at what it says in zero, but the actual level is 7, can’t summon but one primarch at a time

And the troops that were on it went poof

@PGDave can someone do something :man_shrugging:

Mine did the samthing blaze. Ask support to reset it back to ur home. Everything should work fine after they do that. Thats what they did for me

Crap nvm this has to do with accidental reset🙈

@PGJared @PGEcho

If you have someone kill your primach, will it free you?

No it’s not there, just in limbo, can’t arrack with it, can’t defend with it can’t move it, can’t summon it, can’t see it

Any of your teammates sees your primach at all? Send me coordinate on Line so I can travel over and try to hit you then :see_no_evil:

56.1. -98.1

Didn’t even see it did you?

Nope :see_no_evil:

When I get frozen, a little hot coco warms me up… and a few shots of bourbon :tumbler_glass: :wink:

@PGDave @pgEcho can you please take a look at his issue? I went to their land and only saw one Sieger but no destroyer around