Atlas issues or bugs


You cant have 3 crashes in under a minute. Impossible. It takes at least a minute and a half to reboot the game after each crash.

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16 seconds, I count it every damn time :no_mouth:
iOS here


Wow, that is significantly better than what I am getting. Id love to have 16 seconds. Its a solid 70-80 seconds for me.


Constant constant constant issues. Just ONE of the many issues I’ve dealt with today alone.


I’ve heard only from Android players before that it takes significantly longer for them…

The most unfunny thing, is that crashes are happening now not only in Atlas like it used to be, but even in core game too. Without any reason, even if no actions were made.


Officer of our team having the same issues on android. Noticeably worse after update, game will barely open past loading screen. I know this is a known issue, but will we see improvements soon for devices currently incapable of running War Dragons correctly? Or is the only solution to buy a new device?

Thanks if anyone has an answer xoxo


I haven’t had access to alliance chat for almost a year now… so that beats all the other glitches


Have you tried quitting and re-joining? The end of this season but before new starts would minimize the impact for you. Or you can ask your team to temporarily leave the 5TA and go back I believe.


In my experience it takes just enough time for your primarch to be freed


Quitting team didn’t work…

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