Atlas issues with leagues

It seems atlas is catering to diamond only. We can’t defend against them.

I think it’s unreasonable to expect to fare well against a diamond team if your team isn’t also capable of being in diamond. That said, there’s discussions here on helping lower ranking teams if you’d like to help contribute to a solution?

There are 4 factors in play that I can think of:

  1. How Long a team has been in atlas
  2. What tier the team is
  3. How much spending (this is on the player level)
  4. Who you have allied with.

It is unfair to blame diamond or any other factor above for the uneven competition.

PG has acknowledged a problem exists, but it is tricky to solve. (Just about any solution has potential for creating unintentional consequences that may be worse than the original problem)

A lot of the new sapphire teams are actually doing very well and overtaking both beta teams and diamond teams, but it is unclear to me if that is attributed to alliances or other indirect things such as spending.

I think the best you can do right now is form alliances with other teams and share knowledge while building your armies.


I’m not blaming anyone except PG. I’m pointing out what many other players have already stated- atlas caters to diamond aka spenders. There have been suggestions for solutions which had been shut down and not even considered.

Do you mind reposting suggestions you don’t think got a fair shake @HiccupofROA?

It seems reasonable to expect the top teams to control the most valuable territory – but every team should be able to compete for their slice of Atlas and build it up. Currently, there is a relatively impressive mix of diamond and sapphire teams divvying up the top 10 – teamwork plays a big role in Atlas too, hence why we see this mix. That said, I think we’ve been batting around several ideas for how to make Atlas more fun for newcomers – Atlas wasn’t build for just a few players … the team and I want everyone to be able to jump in and have fun a player-driven world ruled at least as much by teamwork and social dynamics as raw firepower and flying skill. Anyway, that’s very much a work in progress and appreciate all the feedback and ideas from our players … it has helped get us here, and I expect it will take us much further.

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Maybe limit captive areas to 10 max.
Allow gold transfers when player blocks drag and then logs off.

Oh and maybe require 5 drags parked at castle to hold it. There are many that have none. It are protected by surrounding areas.

That seems exceptionally low to me.

@HiccupofROA so just a bit of flawed logic. You can’t defend against a team better than yours. Have you tried making your team better? Perhaps have a better defensive system? This feels akin to saying, we can’t win wars. There is a bit of inherent winner/lose nature so that can’t really be fixed.

Also, your idea to limit land owned, you do realize that won’t stop you from getting attacked. It just means the team that beats you can’t own it. Trust me, they would probably still attack you.

There is actually a lot of land out there in the game currently I can’t speak for all teams but we lose a lot of land on a daily basis.

Also, making a limit on primarchs was sort of implemented earlier with nests. It was an absolute disaster. All that happens is people can’t play the game because their primarch has to just somewhere or can’t be summoned.

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Why 5 primachs park at an island. So let’s say you have a 3 island continent. So by your idea, that team only allows 15 players to co tribute in Atlas and where do the other 35 go🤷.
And do you know it’s even harder to have a new team with just 5 primachs per island build enough troops to put into castle so that when you are attacked, the shield will deploy…
And since you can’t shield the island, the other team will keep hit and kill all of your 15 members of the team while the rest just stand there watching hopeless because they can’t setup garrison based on your idea

I think they meant you must have at least 5 prims at a castle in order to hold it. I don’t see this working well though. Like what if there’s 3 prims with 30k troops each and the other 10 have 3k each. You could selectively kill the smaller ones and leave the big ones alone. I’m not sure how this would work with garrisons either

What would you suggest?

I was asked by PGDave to supply suggestions which I did. What’s your input other than “make your team better”? That doesn’t happen overnight and we are constantly working on our team. Right now atlas sucks and people have left the game because of it.

I don’t think Panda was saying that there’s just a “Make team better” button. It’s just logical that the better you can compete on a general level in the game, the better you can compete in Atlas, and that takes time of course. I think it’s good that seeing the strength of leading teams creates feelings of wanting the same for your own team. Maybe what’s frustrating for some is not having as much knowledge of how the map works or other mechanics, which could be a gameplay problem. Do you feel like the struggle to compete is a pure strength issue, or a familiarity issue with Atlas, @HiccupofROA?


I think figuring out atlas is a huge piece of it. We were thrown in with no knowledge at all. We’re trying to learn the ins and outs all while getting our asses handed to us. Add that to the strength issue and it’s a slaughter.

Considering we haven’t even tasted the full size of Atlas yet, I say no caps. If people want to over extend themselves - let them! If a team cannot hold the land they claim, it stretches them thinner making for a more even playing field in the long run. That’s my personal opinion.

We held a single level 2 land from the launch of Atlas to diamond until the most recent expansion where we know have strongholds on a single 2 and two level 3s. Slow to expand but we are building up strength.

I consider myself to be a very clever person (as many are who play this game), but the learning curve of Atlas is ridiculous. Thankfully a ton of friends who had beta have helped me out, but even then it took quite a bit of time to get the swing of.

A real tutorial needs to be put into place about what the infastructure is and does (I think each player, officer or not) should go through a tutorial to learn about function, upgrading, upkeep, materials, benefits, gold transfers, etc. We had a pretty in depth tutorial for the main game, but that’s severely lacking in Atlas.

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Well…this is just one place but I have two suggestions: Keep asking stuff here and maybe talk to more teams, possibly an established one? Just be careful who you ally with.

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I agree a tutorial is needed. A few players have posted some great and helpful info, but that’s all. I’m not a slow learner by any means but this has taken forever to get a grasp on.

We agree with everyone about the tutorial. I’ve been working to design a system to help guide players through the basics, and eventually all the way to effectively be as strong as you can in atlas with rewards along the way.

Definitely think this will help give players a sense of direction, understanding and motivation for rewards.