Atlas Kingpin Event not working

So I posted this in General Discussion but it was ignored and idk why it’s not working for me but this is what’s happened.

Yesterday i was using my sieger in the kingpin event. I had 3,918 troops on it. For hours none of my troops would die and then this morning my troops were dying so I let my sieger die so I could summon my fighter. Now I have it summoned with 1 troop and now it won’t die either but I also don’t get even points anymore but I get the gold from runs.

This is my ticket so far with support.

Atlas stuff works better when it’s categorized under the Atlas section. I guess technically this isn’t wrong either. But I’d recommend moving it to the Atlas section.

Game may have been having issues. It’s happened before. If you check the ledger does it show anything under my battles?

There are a lot of issues going around that are fixed by a reinstall. Although this kind of issue was server related last time I saw it, I’d recommend a reinstall based on how many issues have been solved by that with this update.

For the record, your primarch with troops is in the red zone or pvp zones, and you are having atlas attacks happen? (Blue banners)

As far as the player vs player attacks it was noobs getting stuck at our castles that I killed.

I’ve already done a reinstall. Actually I logged out. Uninstalled, reinstalled and logged back in

I had (have) the same problem in that my troops appear to be unkillable even tho the battle log says otherwise. However at some point the battle log will show a very small number of troops killed (in my case it was 3) and then after that all runs yield gold only but no glory.

Therefore I think in the back end the game is still tracking the ACTUAL number of troops your prime has, but somewhwre somehow there is a sync error and in certain cases it still thinks you have troops and hence you have an unkillable prime… Frustrating as hell especially if you need to change primes.

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